Signs that you should change pots and pans

Signs that you should change pots and pans

An iron skillet can last a lifetime.

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Not all kinds of pans last a lifetime such as those made of iron, and in many cases we do not care that they have signs of damage while we can continue to cook in them, but it is important to replace them since they could pose a risk.

If your battery is stained, looks burnt, or your cast iron skillet has rust, no problem, can be cleaned and fixed, but there are other signs which indicate that you must replace your pots and pans.

Scratched surface

They will stick together easily, ruining a good presentation of your dish.

More work when washing dishes because food scraps are difficult to clean.

There may be growth of bacteria and other infectious pathogens If there are remains of food that you could not remove.

The coating can start to come off and fall on your food. No one wants to eat Teflon (Polytetrafluoroethylene).

Deformed or bulging

Sudden changes in temperature deforms your utensils. How to put your pans still hot in the sink with soap and water.

There will be parts that aren’t even heating up like the rest and the cooking will be uneven and you might not notice it.

Food not well cooked increases the risk of food poisoning.

The instability of a misshapen skillet can increase the risk of burns.

They teach copper

Some kitchen utensils that may have coatings, such as stainless steel, are heavy because pots and pans have a thick base copper to help guarantee constant and uniform cooking.

If the siding is scratched or broken and you can see the copper, replace them.

Loose, broken, or melted handles

If you can’t secure the handle with a screwdriver, you should get rid of them. These pots or pans are a risk because they increase the risk of accidents, such as the very hot contents falling off while holding them and there are burns on you or whoever is nearby.

If your copper pot is scratched

Copper pots allow even heating, which is why they are highly appreciated by great chefs. If it is scratched or chipped, take it in to repair with a craftsman or replace it.

Copper residues can be filtered into food. Copper can be toxic if swallowed and cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting and yellow skin.


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