Silence S02 LS, an electric moped for only 3,200 euros | Motorcycles

Silence S02 LS, an electric moped for only 3,200 euros | Motorcycles

Silence is a brand of electric scooters that has been on the market for several years. In its range it has the S01, a model designed for private customers, and the S02, with a commercial focus, indicated for delivery tasks and also present in shared motorcycle fleets such as the Act. The firm has taken the latter as the basis for creating the S02 Low Speed (LS), a limited variant that meets the characteristics of a moped, so it can be driven with the corresponding license and benefits from a much more adjusted price.

Its launch is due to the new situation caused by the covid-19, It has forced many local businesses to reinvent themselves and have to bet on the home delivery of their products. For such tasks, it puts on the table qualities such as zero noise pollution, being a zero emission vehicle and not be subject to traffic restrictions. Although it is its main market, it will also be available for individuals, since in the new mobility it is expected that many users of public transport will the jump to the private vehicle.

The company has been able to develop this variant in such a short time because It shares a large part of elements with the conventional S02 (approved as 125cc), with a practically identical design and in which the only differences are in electrical mechanics: its 1,500 W, smaller, allows you to reach alone 45 km / h, the limited maximum speed for mopeds in Spain; and use a lower capacity battery that gives it a tighter autonomy and designed for urban journeys, although no specific data on its capacity and autonomy.

This implies having one of the most interesting aspects of his older sister: a removable battery ‘trolley’ type, offering advantages such as power transport it indoors or work to recharge it, replace it with another in a matter of minutes and even use the battery exchanger that the brand has made available to its customers.

The adjustments it experiences with respect to the already known S02 make the S02 LS have a more affordable price and will be available in the coming weeks for 3,200 euros, with 0% financing option for individuals.

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