Simeone: “Our pride is that we know where we come from”

Simeone, en sala de prensa.

Simeone appeared before the media telematically to analyze tomorrow’s game (4:15 p.m.) against Espanyol, matchday 32 of LaLiga, which will also coincide with Children’s Day at the Wanda Metropolitano. The Argentine analyzed that duel but in the questions and in his answers still very latent on Wednesdaythe tie against City, pride.

Athletic Shield/Flag

-What goals does the team set now? Finish second in LaLiga?: “The most important challenge is to show what the players managed to show in the last game, us as the coaching staff, them as footballers. They showed, we showed, that they can compete very well and the challenge is for everyone to be involved because obviously that is what we all have to do”.

-Sensations once the days after City have passed: “A very great effort was made as you saw. The team knows that it’s a good match, although we achieved our goal, but we remain calm because we gave everything, and when you give everything you have, you can continue working with peace of mind. Now, in the league, we are up against a rival with very good results, who play very good games against any rival”.

-How are you on a personal level? “I feel very good because when you give everything, when you show your best version, football is the consequence of life. We were not forceful but we do have the peace of mind to give everything. The challenge is that those who play and those who do not are well. They have shown that they can do it. Those who play and we don’t need them to be like the other day”.

-Pride, the fans: “We have always had pride. We don’t need a night to increase it even more. The pride is that we know where we come from, above all that, and the work that was done during these long ten years. I remember people, as always, the same, when I played as now. What we have to give back is work, compete well”.

-Belt: “Ángel had the episode of the blow to the instep. From there, Griezmann began to do well. Ángel, despite the pain in his foot and without being able to play, accompanied us on the bench and had to infiltrate himself to be able to play. Before Rayo they expelled him. He left due to an injury and then another teammate started to do well. Tomorrow he will play. He has a nice opportunity and he can do it as he has accustomed us”.


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