LifeStyle Relationships 4 situations necessary to perform sexual therapy

4 situations necessary to perform sexual therapy


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Couples therapy can address many relationship-related issues

The sexual therapy It is an ideal space to answer questions or problems you have regarding your sexuality or the sexual life that you maintain in a couple, but also matters that affect the continuity of the relationship.

In the following sections, we will know some of the situations that can be addressed with sexual therapy.

Situations Necessary To Perform Sexual Therapy

Sexual desire concerns

According to the Mayo Clinic, couples therapy is a space in which you, your partner or both can express their doubts regarding the possible absence of sexual desire in the relationship, which may have consequences in other areas of the relationship

Doubts about sexual desire also involve questions about what can be done to increase it. This usually includes elements such as role-plays, the use of toys, sexual fantasies, etc.

Doubts about sexual interest or orientation

The couple therapy It is also a place to discuss and reflect on your sexual interest or that of your partner in case either of you has doubts about their sexual orientation.

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In these cases, therapy is a space for that doubt to flourish and can go where it needs to go, be it positive or negative for the continuity of the relationship.

Trouble reaching orgasm

It is not uncommon for couples therapy to be an instance in which the orgasm becomes elusive for one of the two, or both.

The anorgasmia, which is the difficulty of having an orgasm, can have many factors behind and that can hardly be identified without the help of an expert.

Difficulties with living together

Couples therapy is also responsible for guiding the problems in the day to day of the couple and that they can threaten the continuity of the relationship.

These problems are usually very diverse and can range from uncomfortable attitudes to complications around illness or disability.

Simply put, the couple therapy is a resource that you or your partner can turn to for the health of the relationship and your emotional well-being. It is not a space that indicates failure, but a place to prevent problems from growing.

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