Six basic tips to take children safely on motorcycles | Motorcycles

Six basic tips to take children safely on motorcycles | Motorcycles

With the back to school, Most fathers and mothers choose the car as their main means of transport, but the motorcycle is also a very valid and agile option to face these trips. Of course, taking minors on two wheels requires taking into account several aspects to avoid scares and that, in addition, children enjoy the experience. These are the basic tips for take children safely on motorcycles.

The age of the minor

It is not possible to take any child on a motorcycle: it is necessary that they have more than 12 years, wearing an appropriately sized helmet and straddling the rear. The exception is children over 7 years old, tall enough to lean on the footrests and provided that the driver is the father, mother, legal guardian or an authorized person.

A suitable motorcycle

Let’s talk about a motorcycle, a scooter or a moped, you always have to check the driving license that the model is approved to carry another person. Not all are, since some are homologated as single-seaters.

Careful driving

The same notions apply as with any other companion, but with more care, since a minor has less strength to hold on. Carry out a progressive and calm driving, avoiding acceleration and hard braking or sharp turns. If the motorcycle has a rear trunk, it will be more comfortable for the little ones in the house.

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Brakes in a balanced way

To avoid excessive inertia and that the child “slips” forward, brakes simultaneously with the front and rear brakes, which will maintain the stability of the motorcycle, balance the weights and prevent the movement from being abrupt.

Children on motorcycles: the right clothes

It is not necessary for the child to wear overalls, but it is advisable to wear appropriate clothing to ride a motorcycle: closed shoes, long pants, gloves and, if possible, a jacket with protections.

Educate the minor

Until you have some experience as a passenger, you must give directions for who knows what to do: You should avoid moving, you have to let yourself be carried away by the movement of the motorcycle and you have to hold on tightly to the rider, as it will be easier than holding onto the handles, if there are any.

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