Six-year-old spends $ 16,000 on mom’s iPad

Six-year-old spends $ 16,000 on mom's iPad

The parents of young George Johnson have discovered a series of withdrawals on their bank statement to say the least worrying. During the month of July, their youngest son, George, then 6 years old, spent a total of 16,293.10 dollars in in-app purchases, in the game “Sonic Forces” from Sega.

The sum was debited from the account of his mother, Jessica Johnson, who at first believed in a fraud, as the withdrawals were so close, and the final amount high.

If this is also what the bankers who received it thought when she went to report the “fraud”, the reality is quite different. Indeed after investigation it turned out that these withdrawals were authentic and that it was not a question of fraud, but of purchases made on the personal iPad.

Apple will not refund

Once she realized that the money had indeed been withdrawn by her youngest son, she decided to file a complaint with Apple in order to receive a refund of the amount. But the apple brand didn’t see it that way. Indeed, it had now been more than 60 days since the payments had been made and Apple was entirely within its rights in refusing to reimburse it. What the Cupertino company did.

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Finally, it will be revealed that the tablet was not equipped with any parental control system. And during the whole month of last July the young George unlocked characters on the game “Sonic Forces” without his mother paying attention to his actions. In a single day, the child was able to spend up to $ 2,500, an amount that young George’s mother is not about to see again, Apple not seeming much inclined to negotiate.

Because as recalled by the brand with the apple, it has, for its part, put in place all possible security in order to make this kind of accident as improbable as possible. It is indeed possible to set up parental controls on an iPad. This can block the installation and uninstallation of applications, or even prevent in-app purchases altogether. Apple recalled that each payment was also the subject of a confirmation e-mail and that the mother could therefore very well have realized the purchases of her son, from the first of them.

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