Smart contracts platform Agoric raises $ 32 million in private token sale

Smart contracts platform Agoric raises $ 32 million in private token sale By Angel Di Matteo @shadowargel

As such, Agoric has contemplated taking Blockchain and smart contracts to developers who manage JavaScript, one of the most widely used programming languages ​​today.


The JavaScript-based smart contracts platform built on the network of Cosmos, Agoric, managed to raise a total of USD $ 32 million in a private sale for its tokens, a process that was carried out alongside the launch of its new network after three years of development.

Agoric raises USD $ 32 million

As such, the idea for creating Agoric It emerged in 2018 precisely to present a platform dedicated to JavaScript developers, since it is currently estimated that it is the code in which around 14 million developers create products and services. The idea here was to enable a space in which they could develop decentralized applications in their base language, thus taking advantage of the benefits that technology brings. Blockchain.

In relation to the launch of Agoric and raising the $ 32 million, project co-founder and CEO Dean Tribble commented:

“” The cryptocurrency market has overlooked the need to interact with non-crypto-native audiences, precisely to incorporate the next wave of DeFi entrepreneurs … Agoric aims to bridge that gap. “

Plans for Agoric

This capital is in addition to the USD $ 6 million originally raised in two previous financing rounds, so Agoric to date, it has received a total of USD $ 38 million.

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Throughout these funding rounds, Agoric had the support of entities such as Polychain, Naval Ravikant, Placeholder, NGC Ventures, Spartan Group, Compound VC, Acrew Capital, Figment, Chorus.One and many others.

Now that it is available Agoric on Mainnet, The 22-person team plans to build and grow its developer community. In this regard, Tribble indicated that the first to enter its ecosystem will be rewarded, for which they will prepare batches of tokens Build (BLD) to distribute among stakeholders. An additional ten people are expected to be hired to support the project in various areas, focusing primarily on the development of the project’s infrastructure.

For the next phases it is contemplated to launch the native automated market maker of the project (AMM), with which users can exchange tokens linked to their network. The launch of a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar (RUN), with which it is planned to pay the rates within the network.

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