SMS campaign: definition, advice and tools

SMS campaign: definition, advice and tools

Simple to set up, offered at an affordable and effective price, the SMS campaign is a powerful marketing tool that is part of a mobile marketing strategy. From choosing SMS marketing software to creating a campaign, following best practices will improve the performance of your promotional SMS.

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Why do SMS marketing?

With a 95% deliverability rate, SMS is the safest way for businesses to reach their customers. Another big advantage of promotional messages or SMS notifications is the low unsubscribe rate. A phenomenon due to the excellent targeting of people generally registered on the customer file in a physical store.

The text message is also aimed at a population less connected to wifi. The instantaneousness of the message allows the seller to be sure that his communication was transmitted on time. And this, even if the recipient has not recently connected to the internet.

Well used, an SMS campaign allows companies that do not invest in lead generation with their website, to stay in regular contact with their prospects and customers.

In addition to being simple to set up, sending SMS marketing is cheaper than a direct mail communication campaign. It is also more durable, as the message remains visible on customers’ phones.

Build a database

Creating a well-targeted contact file is essential to get results with an SMS campaign.

To build a database, it is necessary to:

  • Set up a telephone number retrieval system: when registering on the customer file, when subscribing to a loyalty program or when participating in a competition.
  • Install a tablet or registration kiosk in the store.
  • Insert a “phone number” field in the website form.

Segment the contact list

Sending text messages containing an offer or a message adapted to the target increases the ROI of the SMS campaign. The segmentation of the contact list also makes it possible to reduce the number of unsubscribes. Segmenting contacts also has an impact on the cost price of an SMS marketing campaign.

How to segment a list of contacts? :

  • Depending on location: depending on the store visited, by region or depending on the customer’s place of residence.
  • Depending on purchasing behavior: occasional buyer, buyer making his first purchase, or even a subscriber to the mailing list who has never made a purchase before.
  • According to purchasing habits: purchase of organic products exclusively, order with many products for children or a customer who comes to private sales.
  • Depending on how the registration was done: downloading a white paper, subscribing to a newsletter or following a purchase in store.
  • Depending on an event: birthday or party.

Define the objective of the SMS campaign

Why send SMS? Beyond keeping in touch with customers, there must be a defined goal for each SMS sent:

  • A product launch.
  • A private sale.
  • A special announcement.
  • A promotional operation.

Write the text

SMS marketing text should be short, clear and punchy. The message should ideally contain a maximum of 160 characters including spaces. Beyond the limit of the number of signs, the message may be truncated. It is also recommended to insert links, such as the phone number or the shortened URL of a web page, at the end of the message.

Important: the text must absolutely include the word STOP in the number. The STOP SMS mention is a legal obligation allowing subscribers to a mailing list to unsubscribe from this list when they wish.

Personalize the message

SMS campaign creation software offers to personalize the messages. To be recognized by customers and forge a bond with them, it is recommended to personalize the name of the issuer: it can be a first name, last name but also the location of the brand.

Choose the best sending time

The time of sending messages is important because it has an impact on the rate of opening and reading of the SMS. Rush hours of 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. or 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. should be avoided. In addition, the law prohibits soliciting the attention of customers by SMS from Monday to Saturday from 8:30 p.m. to 8 a.m., as well as on Sundays and public holidays.

Analyze the results of the SMS campaign

Measuring the performance of the results of an SMS campaign is essential. Each operator delivers useful data to analyze the results of an SMS Marketing campaign, such as:

  • The number of SMS sent: a useful indicator when purchasing SMS packs. It allows you to manage the stock of SMS available for sending.
  • The deliverability rate: the deliverability rate of an SMS campaign exceeds 95%. To optimize the reception rate of your campaign, you are advised to keep your database up to date.
  • The click rate: available for rich SMS, the click rate lets you know the number of people who clicked on the link in the text message.
  • The list of unassigned numbers: one of the solutions to reduce the number of erroneous or unassigned numbers is to check customer contact details at each checkout or during a purchase on the website of the company.
  • The number and rate of unsubscription: the number of people requesting a STOP SMS during a campaign is an indicator used to define whether an SMS campaign is successful with subscribers to the mailing list.
  • The conversion rate: important, it allows you to define the number of contacts who have placed an order or made a purchase in store.


Founded in 2011, Sendinblue was originally an email marketing solution. Today, the publisher also offers an SMS Marketing solution.

Languages: French, German, English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

Most :

  • The 3 possibilities to add contacts: adding contacts manually, adding a list of contacts in .txt or .csv format and collecting contacts by form.
  • Sending SMS at regular intervals.
  • The possibility for recipients to reply to the received SMS.

The rates :

The non-binding plan allows you to send 100 to 10,000 SMS to around 100 countries. Sending 100 SMS in France costs 4.5 €. It is possible to buy SMS credits for the country of your choice. These credits have no expiration date.

The SMS Marketing function is included in the following paid plans:

  • Lite: € 19 per month.
  • Essential: € 29 per month.
  • Premium: 49 € per month.
  • Company: Offer on estimate.


Founded in 2004 in France, Digitaleo is a renowned relationship marketing platform.

Languages: french and spanish

Most :

  • Over 500 templates to personalize campaigns.
  • Easy to use.
  • Possibility to send SMS on behalf of affiliates.

The rates : On demand.

OVH Telecom

OVH Télécom is an operator for sending professional SMS to more than 200 destinations offering 4 solutions:

  • SMM Marketing.
  • SMS response.
  • Automatic SMS.
  • SMS by internet.

Languages: French

Most :

  • Sending grouped marketing SMS over the internet.
  • Decreasing prices.
  • An SMS push function to inform customers.
  • The ability to customize the name of the sender.

The rates :

  • From 7.20 € for 100 SMS sent in France.
  • The prices are decreasing from the purchase of a pack of 500 SMS.


allmysms is a professional SMS sending solution that can be easily integrated into different CRMs.

Languages: French, English, Spanish

Most :

  • The creation of scenarios triggering the sending of SMS.
  • Sending MMS.
  • Numerous functions (management of contacts and responses, real-time acknowledgments, detailed statistics or even management of SMS shutdowns).

The rates :

  • From 0.045 HT / SMS.
  • Pack purchases.
  • Payment on order by credit card.
  • Payment at the end of the month for orders over 250 € HT / month.


SMSFactor is an SMS Marketing solution created in 2010.

Languages: french and english

Most :

  • An API any compatible language (PHP, Python, Java and other languages).
  • An SMS poll creation function.
  • An SMS voting function.
  • An opt-in and qualified SMS file localization system.

The rates :

  • From 44 € by SMS.
  • Purchase of prepaid packs from € 44.
  • Consumer bill.
  • Price on quotation for the purchase of more than 50,000 SMS.


MDirector is a marketing platform present in 7 countries. The tool allows the sending of marketing SMS and marketing emails.

Languages: French, Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian

Most :

  • An interface in 5 languages.
  • Integration on different CRMs.
  • The creation of multichannel campaigns.
  • Excellent deliverability rate.

The rates :

  • The Advance plan starts at € 349 per year.
  • Premium plan rates are delivered on demand.
  • SMS packs are available for sale.

Integrations with HubSpot

The HubSpot CRM does not offer native SMS marketing functionality. However, several SMS campaign editors such as Sendinblue, Sakari SMS or TextingHouse can be integrated with HubSpot.

How to choose SMS Marketing software?

Several criteria must be taken into account when choosing a software for sending SMS marketing:

  • Customer management and in particular the possibility of segmenting the list of subscribers.
  • The rates.
  • The ergonomics of the platform.
  • Client service.
  • The possibility of personalizing the transmitter.
  • The quality of the analysis reports of the SMS campaigns.
  • The option dedicated to the SMS survey.
  • Link tracing.
  • The quality of the management of STOP SMS.
  • Compliance with the rules in force in the country regarding the sending of promotional SMS.

To go further, use this persona creation tool and thisCreate a buyer persona that your teams can use to optimize their performance.Persona creation tool

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