Snoop Dogg will put his hot dog business

Snoop Dogg ha cocinado en la TV, lanzado su propio ginebra, un libro de cocina, y ahora planearía vender hot dogs.

Snoop Dogg plans a new business, it is about the sale of hot dogs, according to a federal trademark application to be used in the marketing of food that the rapper’s lawyers applied for.

According to Billboard, last month, Snoop’s lawyers requested a trademark registration with the phrase “Snoop Doggs” in the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Snoop hasn’t launched a brand yet, but I’m already applying for registration with intent to use.

The request states that the singer is interested in marketing “food for consumption on or off the premises, including hot dogs, hot dog sausages, turkey sausages, and vegetarian sausages.”

Since Snoop hasn’t made Snoop Doggs official as a brand yet, there are no further details on what exactly Snoop Dogg plans to do with his Snoop Doggs business. The options can be several, such as selling hot dogs in stores, offering them at food outlets or launching a chain of hot dog stands and even a ghost kitchen with home delivery of Snoop Doggs.

Now that Snoop Dogg is very close to the kitchen, he even wrote a book and has appeared on cooking shows with Martha Stewart, possibly the sausages that the rapper sells will offer a plus of the rest, since Six years ago, the rapper said he wouldn’t eat a hot dog.

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“This is a hotdog!? Oh, I’m never going to eat a fucking hot dog! If this is how they make hot dogs, I don’t want one. I’m fine,” Snoop said in 2016 on Jimmy Kimmel Live, at the end of a segment in which he walked through a step-by-step process of how hot dogs are made.

Billboard warns that the “Snoop Doggs” project could come to nothing. Recalling that in 2011, Snoop filed a similar trademark application for “Snoop Scoops” to use as a brand for ice cream, but no product launch ultimately came to fruition.

What happens to Snoop Doggs may be different, since in recent years, the rapper has been very active in the food and beverage industry, launched its own Indoggo gin, worked with 19 Crimes on a Snoop Cali red wine and also partnered with Dunkin’ to promote a “DO-Double G” breakfast sandwich made with plant-based sausage from Beyond Meat.

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