Social Media Ads & Community Managers, How to get Certified?

Social Media Ads & Community Managers, How to get Certified?

You have surely seen it past, since October 2020 Facebook has been offering specific certifications and badges for social media marketing professionals (social media managers, community managers and specialists in web traffic acquisition via Facebook and Instagram Ads). Do you want to be certified by Facebook? Here are the different certifications offered and what you need to do to get there.

Which Facebook certifications and badges for which skills?

Depending on your goals and skills, there are currently everything 9 Facebook BluePrint certifications different ranging from certification of community managers (new) to the certification exam dedicated to application and API developers in connection with Facebook.

What skills are required to earn the BluePrint certification badge and become a Facebook Certified Community Manager?

  • Definition and creation of a community : creation of an online community, community objectives and guiding principles of the community.
  • Develop community strategies and processes : Best practices for managing audiences, leveraging the platform, building a brand, effectively launching, building and supporting your team, nurturing strong partnerships, and developing effective operational workflows.
  • Make strategic content decisions for a community : Provide relevant content, follow trends and plan goal-oriented activities.
  • Engage and moderate a community : Understand the new member onboarding process, community operations, member-to-member relationships, engagement tactics, community standards and terms of service, as well as safe and thoughtful management of crises and Conflicts.
  • Measure and analyze the success of the community : content performance, feedback collection, data reporting and sustainability.

The new Facebook certified community manager certification (600-101 / pilot certification) in detail

Facebook Blueprint certification badge dedicated to community managers

Duration: 2 hours

This new exam aims to identify candidates who have the ability to create, develop and manage an online community using community building tools and strategies. Their knowledge can be applied to the management of non-profit or interest communities, brands and agencies.

It is according to us the simplest certification to pass and yet the most useful to start in the world of community management, either freelance, with the advertiser or in a specialized agency.

To follow this certification, it’s here

What are the 8 other certifications offered and badges issued by Facebook BluePrint?

facebook certifications blueprint badges
Other certifications and badges issued by Facebook Blueprint
  • PARTNER 100-101: Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate
  • SPECIALIST 200-101: Facebook Certified Science Marketing Specialist
  • SPECIALIST 300-101: Facebook Certified Creative Strategy Specialist
  • SPECIALIST 400-101: Facebook Certified Media Planning Specialist
  • SPECIALIST 410-101: Facebook certified media buying specialist
  • SPECIALIST 500-101: Certified Facebook Marketing Developer
  • SPECIALIST 510-101: Facebook Certified Advanced Marketing Developer
  • SPECIALIST 520-101: Facebook Certified Advertising API Developer

For more information on each of these certifications and badges, go here:

How long are Facebook certification badges valid for?

The Facebook BluePrint certification badges are valid 24 months after obtaining.

How to pass the certifications to become a social media professional certified by Facebook?

For pass a Facebook and Instagram ads certification from Facebook, we recommend that you revisit all BluePrint training before passing it.

This will allow you to review the basics and especially develop your knowledge on subjects that you may have less control over and which could be addressed in the Facebook BluePrint certification.

It is all the more recommended that, even if you have 5 years of experience in the field, the interfaces are constantly changing and new features are arriving every month.

How do I get the Facebook page verification badge?

Is Facebook BluePrint certification exclusively in English?

At the moment it is only possible to take the certification in English. Facebook plans to add more languages ​​soon, but without giving a precise date.

However, I recommend that you pass it as quickly as possible because it will have all the more value on the French-speaking and international market currently given:

  • that it will prove that you have a good understanding of Facebook interfaces, even if they are in English,
  • that you will be one of the few profiles to be certified in France (big added value if you target a job in a web marketing or social media agency in the face of an uncertified profile). In a context of tight employment, it is always better to go for an interview better armed.

Official Facebook sources to learn more about the different BluePrint exams:

How to verify my Instagram account and get the blue verification badge?

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