Social Media Marketing: how to use it?

Comment utiliser le Social Média Marketing ?

Social media marketing is an important tool that should not be overlooked during your strategic online campaigns.

The many criteria that this mode of communication offer, have enormous importance and impact on the target audience. Let’s come back to the different uses of social media marketing.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a set of strategies to put in place on your social networks. The aim of this action plan is to fully optimize the tools provided by online platforms. By properly applying these different strategies, you gain greater visibility and retain the majority of your readership. Social media marketing includes things like:

  • The establishment of a strategic social network plan
  • An in-depth study of the target audience
  • Sharing specific content
  • An important community management

Of course, there are more actions possible with social media marketing. It’s important to strategically set up each point to move your marketing campaign forward and grow your readership.

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Finally, take into account that nearly three-quarters of people in France use social media. Social media marketing is a way to connect with your current customers and reach those who haven’t yet heard of your business.

social media marketing

What are the elements to put in place?

First, start making a marketing plan. Social networks are very easy to use, you can quickly start talking about your brand online. But before you get into serious business, consider establishing a reliable marketing plan. This must include a series of content to publish on your networks. One way to promote your products and reach as many people as possible. Not having a marketing plan in place prevents you from taking advantage of clear goals and measuring your results.

You should also sort through the social networks you use. Indeed, today you have a large choice of platforms. That is why it is necessary to make a choice. The audience is very different at these many sites.

If Facebook has become very cosmopolitan, other solutions like Instagram or Snapchat bring together a much younger audience. Are you selling a product or service that matches the age range of Instagram users? Then these last two networks are for you. If you’re looking for more professional clients, LinkedIn is a better choice.

Either way, targeting your audience to match your products increases your chances of a sale while minimizing publishing efforts.

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The importance of knowing your audience to improve your audience

How to precisely target your audience? First of all, you need to understand and determine who this audience is. By compiling data from your current customers and analyzing different social backgrounds, you can create a profile of the typical customer. By regularly posting content on different social networks, you quickly determine the profile of users on each of them.

So, if a product line on Facebook works better than LinkedIn, you need to tailor the posts to your audience. By this action, you can increase the number of your readers and at the same time increase the number of potential buyers.

Work on your publications, the basis of social media marketing

For a post to be impactful on social platforms, it must be provided with two important elements. Indeed, you will have to work on a precise catchphrase and provide a visual that pushes people to click and visit your site.

The current generation relies almost entirely on the visual. An image on a social network has more impact on the consumer than the phrase that accompanies it. The teaser will nevertheless be essential to inform content and arouse envy in your reader.

Of course, the image must remain relevant to the subject of your article. If the reader comes up with an article that is completely different than what the image promises, your reputation may be damaged. To obtain beautiful images, it is possible to hire the services of a professional.

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You can also visit the many sites offering free images to illustrate your articles. It is also possible to use the pictures provided by your customers to put future buyers in real condition.

Animate your page to make it come alive

On the Internet, for a site or a social space to work, you must regularly feed it with quality content. To save time, you can set up an editorial calendar and write your content in advance. Once these are planned, they can be published automatically on your various social platforms. You only focus on writing articles for your networks one day a week. So the rest of your time is free for other tasks.

Of course, you also have to think about setting up a strict community management to respond to your customers and manage the different conversations.

By applying these few tips, you will manage to settle down and prosper on social networks.

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