Son of Pablo Lyle moved by revealing his biggest dream: “That my dad comes back”

Hijo de Pablo Lyle conmueve al revelar su más grande sueño: “Que mi papá regrese”

Pablo Lyle.

Photo: Alejandro Garza / Reform Agency

Almost two years after the arrest of Paul lyle in Miami, Florida, for assaulting an older adult who finally died, his son misses him more than ever, and as the message recently shared by the actor’s partner shows.

Through social networks, Ana Araujo, wife of the star of “Mirreyes Contra Godínez”, narrated on social networks a school experience of the infant, in which she shared one of her dreams.

On Friday, in one of the classes at Mauro’s little school, they were told a story about a boy who dreamed of flying and being an astronaut“, He began explaining.

“The teachers opened the conversation for the students to share their greatest dream, between super hero powers, such as laser beams, flying, running very fast, etc … Mauro wanted to participate, He raised his little virtual hand and when they gave him the floor he said:My biggest dream is for my dad to return to Mazatlán‘”The businesswoman wrote next to a photograph in which the actor and his family are seen facing the sea.

Araujo She said that she was in the kitchen when she heard it and witnessed the act, which she called vulnerability and innocence, but at the same time brave.

The actor’s partner took the opportunity to send a message to families that are going through some separation, regardless of the reason.

I embrace the families that are going through separation situations, whatever the reason, the little I can share is that we do not stop dreaming, we do not stop trusting in the process and we continue to build our reality accepting the situation and facing it with love and patience“, Ended Ana.

The 34-year-old actor is charged with homicide for fatally hitting an older man after a vehicular argument. He is under house arrest in Miami and wears a GPS monitor on his ankle that allows the authorities to know his movements 24 hours a day.

The trial for the alleged homicide of the Mexican actor will begin on March 15, 2021, determined Judge Marlene Fernández-Karavetsos. In addition, he set a new hearing to analyze the status of the case on October 14.

We have to give him a chance to go to trial”, Said the Magistrate after defense lawyer Philip Reizenstein reminded her that an appeals court had rejected the argument of Lyle that he acted in self-defense, thus ruling out the possibility of an acquittal without recourse to a trial.


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