Technology Apple Sony to supply LiDAR to Apple at least until...

Sony to supply LiDAR to Apple at least until 2023


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Sony is a brand known for its own products, but it is also a very important manufacturer in the smartphone world. And we just learned that it was the company chosen by Apple to produce its LiDARs for the years to come. According to information from Digitimes, the two companies have agreed to a 3-year contract, which means that LiDAR technology should continue to equip iPhones for a few more years. Some numbers even announce that the entire next range of iPhone will be entitled to its LiDAR, a technology which is currently reserved for the two most premium models from Apple: the iPhone 12 Pro and the 12 Pro Max.

With the release and success of the iPhone 12 Pro, Apple seems to have convinced the rest of the smartphone market of the usefulness of such a sensor. Patently Apple reports that companies like Samsung are expected to quickly follow in Apple’s footsteps and offer phones with LiDAR technology in the coming months.

LiDAR: reason for the success of the iPhone 12 Pro?

LiDAR was the biggest point of difference between the iPhone 12 and the 12 Pro. The two phones were very close this year and this little extra sensor has brought a lot to users, especially when it comes to photos. But LiDAR also allows you to unlock other, more exotic features …

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Building on its success with the iPhone 12 Pro, the latter item has long been out of stock at Apple factories and the supply chain has struggled to meet all demands, falling weeks behind. the original delivery dates.

LiDAR and Apple: the start of a great story?

If LiDAR isn’t the only reason for this explosion in demand for the iPhone 12 Pro, it has helped. The sensor therefore seems to have a bright future ahead of it. Apple did not plan to part with it any time soon. The Cupertino company hopes, on the contrary, to be able to embed it in a maximum of the brand’s products.

In this sense, rumors, more or less founded, speak of a LiDAR in Apple Glass, if the product is still far from making its appearance the presence of the sensor on Apple’s connected glasses would be most logical, the latter bringing a real plus in terms of augmented reality, the basic technology for Apple Glass.

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- Advertisement -Sony to supply LiDAR to Apple at least until 2023Sony to supply LiDAR to Apple at least until 2023

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- Advertisement -Sony to supply LiDAR to Apple at least until 2023Sony to supply LiDAR to Apple at least until 2023

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