Soon an ultra-resistant iPhone for extreme sports?


Apple and sport is a story that has been going on for a long time now. Among the successes of the firm in the field, we can notably cite the acquisition of Beddit for sleep monitoring. A feature that can also be found on theAppleWatchalongside other benefits such as heart rate measurement or Fitness+.

The device is not the strongest, however. Indeed, with its aluminum case for the basic model is for example quite friable in the event of an impact. To remedy this, the manufacturer would therefore think about a much more robust edition of the wearable. With, perhaps, a better resistance to water as tends to prove it a patent filed by Cupertino and just spotted.

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In the document, we thus learn that Apple was able to validate diagrams describing a reinforced sealing with the competent authorities. More specifically, it is a question of integrating the prototype into a connected watch or a mobile, two products that the manufacturer already masters to perfection. A feat that we owe to several of its inventors, all based not far from its headquarters in California.

But caution is still in order, because it is not uncommon to see Apple register files at the USPTO without taking the trouble to quickly transform them into marketing. With the electric car or the connected glasses in test for several years for example, when we are not talking about a definitive abandonment of the project.

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Much better than today

For comparison, the third-generation iPhone SE is entitled to an IP67 rating, which guarantees immersion up to one meter deep for a maximum of thirty minutes. The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, on the other hand, do better by being able to dive up to six meters deep for there also half an hour (IP68).

Except that in reality, it is possible to go much higher. The regulators who have defined the standard certifying these scores will thus up to two hundred meters deep, the kind of figure reached only in certain cases such as for scuba diving. An activity that therefore still does not allow you to follow the Apple Watch or the iPhone…

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