Soon, iPhone 13 “Made in India”?

iPhone 13

The majority of iPhones are produced in China. However, Apple’s partners, which assemble its smartphones, also have factories in India. As the India Times website reports, iPhone 11s, iPhone 12s, as well as iPhone SEs are already produced in factories located in India. And soon, we will also have iPhone 13 Made in India.

In any case, this is indicated by an article published a few days ago by India Times. Citing sources familiar with the matter, the media indicates that Apple has started production tests of its standard bearers at the Foxconn factory in Chennai. Commercial production is expected to start in February.

The units manufactured in India would be intended for the domestic market, but also for export. 20-30% of iPhones produced in India exported. And the start of production of the iPhone 13 in this country would allow Apple to better meet international demand, but also local demand.

However, still according to India Times sources, given that it is the iPhone 13 which sells the best in India, Apple does not intend to produce anyiPhone 13 Pro nor iPhone 13 Pro Max in the country.

Objective: to depend less on China?

For the moment, the info should of course be viewed with caution. Nonetheless, taking into account the history of iPhone production in India, it would make sense for Apple to start producing iPhone 13s in the country from next year.

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Quoted by India Times, an IDC official explains that Apple begins to manufacture new iPhone models locally within 3 to 4 months of its launch. But he also adds that everything will depend on the supply of components.

“Much of the increase in local production will depend on the availability of components”, did he declare. “Local production of iPhone 13s in India could alleviate the country’s low supplies a bit. “

In any case, this rumor illustrates the fact that today, like other players, Apple no longer wants to depend entirely on China. While relations between the Middle Empire and the United States are more and more strained (we remember the customs tariffs of Donald Trump), American brands have looked for alternatives to the Chinese workforce and have turned to countries like India, Vietnam, or even Mexico.

Moreover, let us recall that in 2020, a rumor suggested that the subcontractors of Apple, Foxconn and Pegatron, would have thought of build factoriess in this neighboring country of the United States.

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