Soon Tweets In Large Format?

What if Twitter launched a Tweet format longer than 280 characters? This news seems to be more and more real. In February 2022, we saw that Twitter was already testing “Articles” formats to provide the means to post in long format. Today, all this is confirmed via official tests. Let’s take a closer look at all of this.

Advanced tests for Twitter Notes?

As we said in the preamble, Twitter has already been testing a feature for several months that would allow users to write much longer Tweets.

Twitter “Articles” Discovered in February

These tests seem to be prolonged and confirmed in recent days, as shown by the announcement of “Twitter Write”.

Everything you see about “Notes” on the Tweet from Twitter Write seems very concrete, which is good sign for a quick exit of functionality. On the GIF, we can see a user using the interface with this famous “Write” tab which is added alongside private messages and notifications. TechCrunch already announced a few days ago a Notes coming soonand this communication confirms that.

The Intro Tweet of the new Twitter feature: Notes

For now, this new feature is in beta and testing is only open to a handful of users.

What we know for the moment is that it would really be a interface similar to a blog. On the video of Twitter Write, we can see that the user can add a featured image, a title and he can insert images or tweets in the text. Then it is possible to share the Notes directly in a Tweet on the TL.

Twitter’s response to a trend

This feature reminds us a bit of his equivalent on LinkedIn. Indeed, the professional social network already offers this system to allow users to make longer communications.

A priori, Twitter would not have been inspired by its cousin LinkedIn, but rather by the various solutions currently used by Internet users to counter the character limit. Among them, there are of course the threads on Twitter, that is to say a series of Tweets to tell something. This system isn’t the most practical, we grant you, but it’s pretty well accepted and it doesn’t seem to be detrimental to the general user experience.

Twitter Notes would therefore rather be placed in opposition to external solutions that currently exist. To communicate textual content that is too long without threading, many turn to tools like Twitlonger. The latter functions as a small article hosting platform for Twitter users. Beyond these solutions, some may also turn to tools like WordPress or other blogging tools for extended communications. With Twitter Notes, this will be possible directly in the social network.

What should we conclude from this?

Once again, social networks “copy” each other to follow trends and not lose users, which could turn to other media. In a commercial logic, one could understand that. Nevertheless, the character limit remains a historical mainstay of this network. It is also something that made the spontaneity of Twitter. By deciding to offer users the creation of long and cold content, they are developing the very essence of their tool.

A link with the (possible) takeover of Elon Musk?

Since the rumors about the takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk have emerged, the latter has advanced wanting to add many new features.

Nevertheless, when it comes to long content, there is not really an established link.

Anyway, it’s a feature he approves of and wantedas evidenced by some tweets.

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