Soriano Motori, the different Italian electricity companies | Motorcycles

Soriano Motori, the different Italian electricity companies | Motorcycles

Perpetuate the success of a family legacy should be most comforting, especially if it involves relaunch a business after more than 80 years to try to place it in a prominent place in its sector. That is what Marco Antonio Soriano intends to do with Soriano Motori, motorcycle brand that he founded in 1939 his grandfather Ricardo, nobleman, aristocrat and Marquis of Ivanrey. So long after, his grandson the signature has re-floated, now one hundred percent Italian, focusing it on the mobility of the future and more and more of the present, the electric one.

And not in any way, because Marco Antonio wants to stand out in the most luxurious level in the industry of the electric motorcycle. A most ambitious goal with which he began his journey in 2020. “I was in Miami at a conference presenting a topic on family legacy and business, the light bulb went on And I asked myself, ‘Why not?’ Now that everyone is talking about Tesla and electrical brands that do not have that family tradition like ours, I decided to do it ”, Explain.

“I started doing the initial designs and I took some lines that people gave me a good feedback”, bill. Hence the Giaguaro, a model with a sporty and elegant design that has a particularity that makes it special: a double engine with gearbox and clutch. «One of the problems that electric motors have is that there is no change, there is no torque (engine torque) and there are no emotions, it does not have the traditional feeling of a motorcycle. That’s what makes our bikes special, ”he explains.

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Once their first motorcycle saw the light (now they work in the Enduro Soriano V2-Wildcat, more economical and aimed at young people) Marco Antonio assures that it was “A very emotional situation.” «See my motorcycle next to my grandfather’s … I have brought it to Milan (in reference to the motorcycle show where it was exhibited) and people can see a perspective of almost 80 years, between what my grandfather did and what I have done ”, he adds. What he has done is bet on electricity, why? “The problem of overheating of the planet is real, I have followed it very closely with scientists I know. “

Melandri, your ambassador

To help Soriano Motori, both in its development and in its promotion, the brand has a whole ex-MotoGP rider, Marco Melandri, as an ambassador. “I think the future is electric, I like the technology and the project. Marco Antonio has a very advanced look and I like that a lot “, says the Italian about his inclusion in the project and, of course, he likes his motorcycles:” The pair and having an engine with a gearbox is an amazing thing, I’ve never seen anything like it. They are heavier, because of the batteries, but very easy and natural ”.

Taking advantage of the fact that he has Melandri by his side, will Marco Antonio dare to get involved in sport with your company? “We have a circuit that we have bought, I would like to sponsor racing teams and bet on the precise pilot to bear the brand’s name. Plus I want to support women because there are some who are competing and we must try to help them as an international brand ”, he responds. But first you must consolidate a project of which his grandfather is sure he is already proud.

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