SpaceX rocket launches the first crypto satellite into space

SpaceX rocket launches the first crypto satellite into space

SpaceX rocket launches the first crypto satellite into space By DailyBitcoin Editor

cryptosat launched the first cryptosatellite into low earth orbit via rocket SpaceX.


  • Falcon 9 of SpaceX He launched Crypto1 from SpaceFlorida.
  • The cryptosatellite is the size of a coffee cup.
  • It would be the first independent crypto satellite.

A tiny cryptosatellite, the size of a coffee cup, reached low Earth orbit carrying blockchain to space.

cryptosat He launched Crypto1, a cryptosatellite module, from Space Florida on Wednesday aboard a rocket Falcon 9 bound for the mission transportation 5 from SpaceX, marking a milestone of technology blockchain in the space.

That’s how he showed it cryptosat networking:

“We are pleased to confirm the successful launch of the ION Satellite Carrier aboard the mission @SpaceX Transporter-5. The Falcon 9 took off at 02:35:41 pm ET from SLC-40 at Cape Canaveral. ION was successfully deployed on a 525km SSO.”

Cryptosat and crypto satellites

cryptosat has a mission to build satellites that power crypto applications, blockchain and accounting. “We believe that satellites have unique properties that make them well suited to these tasks, and by launching these platforms into space, we can unlock exciting new opportunities in computing,” the company said.

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We’re basically joining the Uber of spaceflight.” said Yonatan Winetraub, co-founder of Cryptosat. “Everyone goes into the same orbit, and we are one of the passengers.”

He added:

“SpaceX launched a bunch of satellites, each one doing a different thing. It doesn’t matter for our service. We hope to use our satellite to provide cryptographic services to our customers here on Earth, which will not interfere with the other satellites at all.”

“Working with a space asset is not the same as working here on Earth”said Yan Michalevsky of Cryptosat. “In the field, if something goes wrong, you just open a terminal and debug it. When it happens in space, it’s not always available.”

First independent crypto satellite

The satelite Crypto1 it’s a small module (the size of a coffee cup or baseball) made from over-the-counter parts. In space, it will provide a physically unreachable and tamper-proof platform from which blockchain and ledger applications can be launched.

Michalevsky said that the launch will mark the first independent crypto system “That does not depend on other satellites from other companies.” And the company hopes to establish zero-knowledge proof protocols in the future.

In this regard, Michalevsky said that one of the most exciting applications for the module is to establish zero-knowledge proof protocols, which he says are most often used for uses such as voting in a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to make decisions without exposing the votes of the people.

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Other applications for the module include the possible deployment of a full blockchain, having the ledger out of the reach of attackers could mean that crypto mining could become a relic of the past as it no longer theoretically needed decentralization via multiple validators.

He also explained that space communication would be via radio frequency, which would make the systems beyond the reach of hackers operating from Earth.

“Another feature that’s unique is that since the communication is over a radio frequency, you can’t really hide and do an attack.”Winetraub explained.

Michaelevsky added: “There is a lot of need for this. If we look at protocols, especially Web3, there are entire financial systems and smart contract systems, sort of digital legal agreements that depend on the reliability of the crypto behind them.”

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