Spain: deputy proposes that the country welcome miners from Kazakhstan – DiarioBitcoin

Spain: deputy proposes that the country welcome miners from Kazakhstan - DiarioBitcoin

Spain: deputy proposes that the country welcome miners from Kazakhstan - DiarioBitcoin For Daily EditorBitcoin

Spanish deputy María Muñoz wrote on Twitter that after the situation in Kazakhstan, Spain could welcome the miners. He sent a letter to the congress.


Spanish deputy María Muñoz wants to position her country as a reliable alternative to miners facing a complex situation in Kazakhstan, after their Internet service was suspended, affecting their operational capacity.

After that, Muñoz sent a letter to Congress, asking about the possible actions that could take Spain to lure the miners on the run, and on the impact this event has had on the Spanish mining sector.

Here you can see the deputy’s tweet with a copy of the letter she sent to Congress:

As reported DiarioBitcoin, the protests in Kazakhstan, which have led to power outages and the Internet, has affected mining activity, which is important given that it accounts for 18% of the world’s crypto mining. The fall of mining in that country caused the hashrate to decrease from Bitcoin by 12% and according to some analysts one of the most important causes of the drop in crypto prices.

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The protests in the country are a consequence of the increase in fuel.

Letter from Muñoz to Congress

Muñoz addresses his letter to Congress inquiring about possible actions that the government could take to take advantage of the situation and absorb the business of bitcoin miners fleeing Kazakhstan.

The deputy takes this situation as a background to inquire about the information that the Spanish government has about these developments and how they are affecting the cryptocurrency mining operations that are currently taking place in Spain. In addition, in the same letter he also asks about the growth of this sector in the country and the energy used for this purpose on Spanish soil.

End the letter with three questions:

1.- What information does the government have about the impact that the internet blackout in Kazakhstan has had on cryptocurrency mining in Spain?

2.- Does the Spanish Government have any measure planned to attract investments and mining activities for crypto assets that could flee from Kazakhstan?

3.-What data does the government have on the growth of crypto-asset mining in Spain and the evolution of the energy efficiency of these processes in the country?

Muñoz and the crypto

How it counts, Muñoz has been interested in the sector and its possible regulation in Spain since before the situation in Kazakhstan. The deputy, who is part of the liberal faction of the party Citizens, was included in a bill last October to design a national strategy for the cryptocurrency sector that would allow them to establish a clear framework to attract investors and protect citizens from cryptocurrency fraud. .

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The proposal exposed that while cryptocurrencies had significant growth in Spain last year, there was no specific institution that regulated the industry, and as a consequence, there could be false expectations on the part of the public in this regard. On this, the party asked to establish campaigns to inform citizens about what cryptocurrencies really are, and to coordinate efforts to establish a coordinated regulation of cryptocurrencies with the European Union and cryptocurrency companies in Europe.

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