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The Colombian rock band is promoting ‘Santa Fe’, a song that is part of ‘No tire tanto bala’, their third studio album

When you do an internet search on who is a Special District, the description defines you as a Colombian rock band that no longer exists.

But it does exist, and with everything and a pandemic, it is active.

What happens with this group is that it had a complicated beginning. It was born when Colombia suffered extreme violence caused by the drug trafficking that Pablo Escobar commanded.

“We started making songs in ’86, but really the rock scene was complicated,” said Carlos Medina, keyboard player and voice of the group, in a telephone interview from Bogotá. “At that time they did not stop us a lot of ball.”

But there was someone who did stop them, and it was the singer, also Colombian, Carlos Vives, who has always declared himself an admirer of this trio, made up of Medina, Bernardo Velasco (guitar and voice) and Einar Escaff (drums and voice) . In fact, the artist was the one who sponsored “Candelaria”, the first video clip recorded by Distrito.

At that time, in 1989, the band recorded the albums “DE Mentes”, and “Documento en 1995.” But later Velasco, who has had a friendship with Medina since they were both 7 years old, announced that he would change residence, that he was moving to Liverpool, England.

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“But we always kept in touch via the network,” said Velasco. “During this time the three of us continue to make and share music; Bernardo was even in several bands in Liverpool ”.

A few years ago, Velasco returned to Colombia, and the trio made music again. They recently released “Santa Fe”, a song that is part of “Don’t shoot so much bullet”, the third District studio album that was recorded under the label Gaira Música Local, owned by Vives.

The song, dedicated to Bogotá and its beauty, features the participation of Andrea Echeverri, vocalist of the rock band Aterciopelados. She and Velasco have known each other since they both attended the same university; in fact, the artist was at one time a member of the District.

“It is the city that saw me grow and gave us the tools to be who we are,” said Velasco. “We are lovers of the city.”

For now, due to the pandemic, the live promotion of the new album, whose music mixes rock, cumbia, folk, pop, jazz and other rhythms, is on hiatus. But as soon as the emergency is over, the combo is ready to take your work anywhere in the world.

Thus, so that when the group searches appear on the network, they stop talking about them in the past tense.

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