Spyker again in trouble and in search of financing

Spyker again in trouble and in search of financing

Despite the fact that after the summer of 2020 Spyker announced the arrival of two investors – Russian businessmen – who could have given rise to a rebirth to the brand, the deal did not come to fruition. Apparently the owners of SMP Racing, Boris Rotenberg, and his business partner, Michail Pessis were going to invest, but eventually the money did not arrive and the deal did not go as agreed.

Despite the blow that has meant not receiving the expected financing and that they have declared bankruptcy, Dutch sports car maker won’t give up.

For this same year, Spyker had announced two models in its range: a SUV and a supercar, both already revealed conceptually. Despite the plans Spyker has run out of money, the models will not arrive and the businessman and CEO of Spyker, Victor Muller, has declared bankruptcy as they claim since RTL News.

Although the details of the bankruptcy were not disclosed, the aforementioned Dutch media confirms that the company is heavily in debt and the recent bankruptcy of Spyker NV is what was missing to make us give up hope of reviving the Spyker brand.

According to RTL News, Muller regards Spyker NV bankruptcy as an “empty shell”, which means that not quite the end of the car brand.

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We will have to wait to see the outcome of this story that despite not painting well, it can always be fixed if an investor dares to fill the manufacturer’s accounts with money.

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