Stage Manager (iPadOS 16) is not available on all iPads

iPadOS 16 moniteurs

With the presentation of iPadOS 16 also arrived Stage Manager, a feature that allows you to resize apps as stackable windows, like on a computer. In this way, it is also possible to work on several applications at the same time as with Split View but in an even more advanced way.

The result in images (above) is quite telling and once again brings the value proposition of Mac and Apple tablets. Unfortunately, not all of them will be able to benefit from it, even after the major update that will arrive this fall.

Which models are affected?

According to the official documentation provided by Apple, among the iPads marketed to date, only theiPad Air fifth generation,iPad Pro 11-inch third-generation iPad Pro and the 12.9-inch fifth-generation iPad Pro are thus compatible with Stage Manager.

This is not the case with the sixth generation iPad mini and the ninth “Classic” iPad is also excluded. Just like all other models that are no longer on the market (except at third-party retailers). Some remain very popular, however, such as the older versions of iPad Pro or iPad mini, which are more affordable with the depreciation of their price over several years.

The fault with the M1 chip

According to other information shared by the manufacturer, this shelving would in fact be due to the integration of a proprietary processor Apple silicon, the M1, in the latest iPad Air and the two most recent iPad Pros. All the other tablets of the brand are satisfied with less powerful motherboards, which would in fact not be enough for the consequent energy demand of Stage Manager.

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According to Cupertino, the functionality also requires a significant amount of storage and with a particularly fast file transfer capacity. It is also necessary that the material can support eight applications at the same time and in definition 6K with external screen. So many advantages that are not found on entry-level items or items that date back several years.

iPadOS 16 has also arrived with many other different changes, which you can find in our full WWDC roundup here.

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