Start of production of the iPhone 14 in the test phase

iPhone 14 concept

Dropping the Lightning port? More RAM? A more powerful processor? For the moment, the technical characteristics of the iPhone 14 remain at the stage of guesswork. But IThome, specialized Asian media, thinks to know more about the device or at least about its production schedule. The site claims to know that mobiles have already started to leave the factory.

However, these are only models dedicated to internal testing for the moment, the time to check that no bug or technical incident affects them. If the assembly is validated, the large-scale manufacturing should start next month; in august. Subcontractors would have received larger orders than the previous year, which is also confirmed by our source of the day.

First images in July?

Given that functional models are therefore probably in the hands of Apple suppliers, it would not be surprising to see stolen videos or photos of the iPhone 14s in the coming days. Analysts believe they will number four, with two 6.1-inch and two 6.7-inch editions. Each duo would be made up of a Pro version with triple lens + LiDAR on the back and a classic version, without ProMotion technology (adaptive refresh rate up to 120 Hz).

On his side, Apple doesn’t take kindly to leaks though.. However, in recent years these have precisely multiplied so that the firm has probably tightened the screw to avoid new incidents. Enough so that nothing is published before the potential September keynote? Nothing is less certain, but in any case no really reliable image has yet reached us.

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The request raises questions

In the meantime, investors continue to wonder about the potential of these future iPhones. And the trend is contradiction, just a stone’s throw from its release in stores. Indeed, while some think that inflation and a possible price of 1,000 euros minimum risk blocking, others believe that the calm of the crisis in China is an excellent sign of the market. At the close of Wall Street yesterday, the title AAPL was worth 148.58 dollars, up nearly three points on the day.

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