Starting from an old iMac to make your DIY Studio Display: it’s possible

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The Studio Display was presented by Apple a few weeks ago as the absolute monitor of the apple brand. This screen should serve as a support for the equally impressive Mac Studio, an overpowered computer from Apple which is today the only one to use the M1 Ultra chip, simply what Apple does best to date.

But the screen has a size defect. Indeed, the latter costs a hell of a sum, 1749 € in its basic version. So in order not to have to spend so much, an Apple expert, whom we know well through his eponymous YouTube channel, Luke Miani decided to tinker a bit with his old iMac to make it a perfect screen.

From an iMac to a Studio Display, there is only one step

On paper, the maneuver is not as complicated as it looks. Indeed, it is possible to use Luna Display, a software solution to make a Mac or an iPad its monitor. But this is not the solution chosen by Miani. Since the latter had an iMac in poor condition (only the screen worked), he had to create from scratch an HDMI port between the old LCD screen of the iMac and his Mac Studio.

In his video we see him disassemble and remove the internal components of his computer. Once the connection was established between the computer and the screen, he wanted to add a webcam to his screen, to make it a true copy of the Studio Display. After another little tinkering, he managed to find a solution to integrate the webcam into the old iMac.

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It’s go again

Surprisingly enough, he did not encounter any great difficulties in his maneuver, he who ends his video by replacing all the components in the iMac before closing it. Once everything was in place, he managed to make the screen work in the most beautiful way.

Miani explains that for anyone wanting to replicate this assembly/disassembly experience, they should turn to iFixit’s comprehensive guides. A recommendation that we can only confirm, as iFixit is a reference in this field.

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