Stay home Activities: 10 activities to take advantage of these days

 Quédate en casa: 10 actividades para aprovechar estos días

We made a list of things you can still do with “Stay Home.” Remember that if you take care of yourself, you take care of all your loved ones.

The «Stay at home» and the health contingency for the new coronavirus have also left some positive lessons, as it has tested us in many ways: on patience, values ​​, and personal rediscovery.

Staying at home is essential to reduce the chain of Covid-19 infections, since it reduces the person-to-person transmission, because the viral particles that would be expelled when speaking (saliva), sneezing, or coughing (secretions), would not directly reach another person.

Although we all have different reactions to a health crisis like the one we are experiencing, it is important that you take «Stay at home» in the most positive way. For that, we give you options to make you feel productive.

Stay Home Activities

1. Learn new exercises at home

This time at home is a great opportunity to learn something new, so take advantage of these days to do new exercises at home. Take your computer or cell phone and practice with a YouTube tutorial.

2. Do a beauty ritual

Yes, that beauty ritual that you have always wanted, but that you said you didn’t have time for. Well, now you have time to put your mask on and let it calm down.

3. Learn new recipes

If the only thing you know how to cook is pasta and rice, take advantage of these ‘stay at home’ times to prepare an authentic three-course meal with dessert included.

4. Take up your hobbies

Work and routine sometimes seem like enemies to hobbies, as they take up all your time and you’ve probably forgotten. It is a good time to resume and be happy with that other thing you like to do.

5. Update your resume

You never know, but a new opportunity can arise at any time and you need to be prepared with your CV. Take some time to update your resume.

6. Gain new professional skills

There are various online course platforms. Find and sign up for one that helps you be better at your job.

7. Classics reading

Work your mind. Start with the classics that you surely read one day at school, because it will be easier and faster to reread.

8. Create a home garden

Isolation is a great opportunity to care for your plants and start an urban garden for healthier, more nutritious, and tasty foods, such as tomatoes, carrots, peppers, lettuce, and spinach, which are the most common.

9. Perfect or learn another language

There are certified online courses, such as those from UNAM, and the best thing is that they are free. Enter here: UNAM courses.

10. Learn something new that catches your attention

How about a course on Photography or how to wear a balanced feeding? It never hurts to learn something that perhaps catches your attention. You never know, in that little course you could find your true passion.

In what way are you taking advantage of these days?

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