Staying in Quebec after your WHV: Permanent Residence

Staying in Quebec after your WHV: Permanent Residence

The penultimate step of the immigration marathon in Quebec, the Permanent Residence process can make you lose control and a lot of time. Fortunately, the sharing, exchanges and support of the entire expatriate community in Quebec allows us to always keep hope even when the deadlines for obtaining Permanent Residence in Quebec are long, very long …

Reminder of the main stages of Permanent Residence in Quebec

While we were in the immigration paperwork we took advantage at the beginning of January 2020 to make our Federal Permanent Residence file. After obtaining our CSQ in December 2019.

Gather the documents and complete the Permanent Residence application

The PR request in Quebec seemed less complex and faster to make than that of the CSQ. In 1 weekend, we have all the documents completed, signed, dated, printed as well as all the necessary copies on request. This time, there are only originals of the forms to be provided and simple copies of the documents. Suffice to say that we really save time without the “compliant certification”. List of documents: Application for permanent residence: Quebec skilled worker category.

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The passage through the box ” photos of Canada ”will take us the longest because the photos must respect a certain template. Rest assured the photo services of Jean Coutu or Pharmaprix are quite effective on the subject.

Finally, it is the list of trips over the last 10 years which will have taken us the most time. Suffice to say that after our many trips, our Around the World and our stays in Asia, the list is long… We have therefore done our best to put all the dates and all the countries back in order.

We paid the fees online on January 11, 2020 when we submitted our file (Price for 2: $ 2250).

Sending of the Permanent Residence file in Quebec

It is directly at the post office that I ask for my 2 postal labels to complete my file, before sealing the envelope. Again a shipment by tracked mail, and some pictures to prove that my request got off to a good start on January 14, 2020.

Acknowledgment of receipt of our Quebec RP by the Federal

March 24, 2021: We have received good news in our online space : the acknowledgment of our PR file. We were thus able to link our request online in a few clicks! Excellent news which therefore arrives 15 months after the deposit (January 2020).

Another good news is that our progress bar is already at 52%! Estimated date of receipt of the PR: April 2022!

Convocation for biometric data

April 23, 2021: news in the online portal, we receive the invitations to go and do our biometric data. We will have an appointment the following Monday at Services Canada to each take our biometric data.

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Invitation to the medical examination

May 12, 2021: this time, the invitations for the medical examination await us. Received on Wednesday, we will spend Friday afternoon at the Quebec Industrial and Preventive Medicine Clinic near Guy Concordia Metro. It’s well organized but still allow 2 hours and $ 240 per person (debit payment).

Confirmation of Permanent Residence in Quebec: the Holy Grail!

Quebec winter snowshoe ride

The deadlines announced when sending the request were 24 months. (Processing time accessible here). With the Covid-19, we expected more. We received our eCRP (confirmation of Permanent Residence sent online via the portal) on July 22, 2021. That is 18 months and 10 days after sending our file. The deadline announced when sending in January 2020 was 14 months. It had gone to 23 months when we received the acknowledgment (ie April 20, 2022). For the first time in our journey, immigration is therefore ahead of schedule… BUT, we are still waiting for our PR cards…

Last step: the Permanent Resident card

The Permanent Resident Card is the document that truly concludes your immigration marathon. It certifies your official status as does the CRP document, but above all it allows you to travel, enter and leave Canada freely without the need for proof.

On the CRP document received, it is clearly written in large size that the document does not allow travel. Beyond not really understanding why, we are therefore permanent residents in practice but still unable to simply travel.

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We are therefore waiting for our PR cards since July 22, 2021. The delay can range from a few weeks to several months… Update: elo card received on August 13, 2021.

Timing of our PR in summary

  • Preparation of the file: January 2020
  • Payment of fees: January 11, 2020 (at the time of online payment)
  • Sending of the file: January 14, 2020
  • Receipt of PR acknowledgment: March 2021 (estimated: July 2020)
  • Biometric data: convocation on April 23, made on April 26 at Services Canada, received on May 5 on the online portal.
  • Medical visit: invitations received on May 12, made on May 14, validated on May 20 on the online portal.
  • Receipt of PR: Confirmation of PR (eCRP) received on the online portal on 07/22/2021 (estimated at the start of 2022).
  • Reception of PR cards: announced deadline 44 days. Request sent via the online portal on July 22, 2021. Élo card received on August 13, 2021.

How much does the Permanent Residence cost in Quebec?

Here are all the costs for all our procedures for Permanent Residence in Quebec:

  • CSQ for 2 adults: $ 969
  • Permanent residence for 2 adults: $ 2,250
  • A75 permit (1 closed and 1 open) after the WHV and pending PR: $ 580
  • Medical visit for 2 adults: $ 480
  • Miscellaneous charges for follow-up mail etc: $ 57.43

Total: $ 4,279 for 2 adults excluding shipping costs.

Useful link: Guide Q7000 – Application for permanent residence: Quebec skilled worker category.

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