Steve Jobs will have his statue at the National Garden of American Heroes

Steve Jobs

On the last national holiday, Donald Trump surprised many observers by proposing the creation of a park which would bring together statues ” of the greatest Americans who ever lived “. In the midst of the Black Lives Matter movement, this initiative was resented by the opposition to the Republican president. Many accused him of wanting to reassure his conservative base a few months before the election by rewriting his own version of the country’s history.

A more consensual project than it seems

A few months later, this project is ongoing and has not yet materialized. However, we have just learned that the founder and former CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, should be among the personalities that will be honored in this park. In an order published yesterday, Donald Trump was finally shown to be much more consensual than imagined. The text specifies that the order for statues concerns selected people ” to embody the American spirit of daring, challenge, excellence, courage and confidence “.

From then on, we will find great national figures among which, the Wright brothers, Albert Einstein, Johnny Cash, Billie Holiday. But also political figures close to the Democrats such as Martin Luther King, Jr and Ruth Bader Ginsberg. We do not yet know where this new garden will be located. The ball is now in the court of the Biden administration, which will lead the country from this Wednesday.

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As a reminder, we recently celebrated the 9th anniversary of the death of Steve Jobs. On this occasion, Tim Cook recalled how touching and inspiring the memory of the entrepreneur was.

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