Still no noise cancellation for calls on iPhone 13

iPhone 13

On iPhone, there is a key feature that allows you to reduce surrounding noise when making a call. Very practical, especially since this is a generally quite expensive option by choosing wireless headphones that are equipped with it. The AirPods Pro, for example, are sold for 279 euros while their classic version is now worth 199 euros.

Unfortunately, the arrival of the iPhone 13 marked the end of this benefit for all those who own them. Indeed, the option Noise reduction simply faded away menu Audio-visual where it is usually located, but only on these devices. The iPhone 12 or even the iPhone SE of the second generation are thus not affected, although we do not really know why.

Apple recognizes the problem

In fact, this concern was reported to Apple several months ago by many dissatisfied users. According to a testimony from a user calling himself dagocarlito, the support of the firm would have even assured him that he was already aware but without specifying a potential timetable for the deployment of a fix. Moreover, we ourselves have not been able to identify any additional information on this subject. Moreover, even iOS 15.3 in beta does not solve anything.

Apple has a habit of treating enough quickly the complaints of its customers, which have multiplied here. And for good reason: the iPhone 13s are selling well, even very well. To the point of being among the most popular items on the planet in their sector, alongside the giants Xiaomi and Samsung.

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If you too are disappointed with your calls due to lack of clarity on iPhone 13, there are two third-party solutions to cancel out the surrounding noise. The first is to equip yourself with wireless headphones with active noise reduction like the Studio Buds from Beats (149.95 euros in France). As for the second, it is a question of activating the setting Voice isolation from the Control Center.

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