student fares are increasing in many countries

Apple Music

Subscriptions are the new golden egg of the tech world. With the success of Netflix, the first of its kind, and SVOD platforms in general, many people have taken the turn. Apple is no exception to the rule and the company offers several subscription plans for various services.

Among the most popular subscriptions of the apple brand, AppleMusic stands out. The music subscription is now the second most popular streaming offer in the world, behind Spotify. By offering several rates, depending on age in particular, Apple has succeeded in attracting a fairly young clientele, students in particular, who benefit from a preferential rate.

Students hit by price hike

But now, good student plans are becoming increasingly rare, and there too, Apple is no exception to the rule. The Cupertino company has just increased the price of its subscription for students in many countries. As required by the new legislation, subscribers received a message from Apple at the beginning of the week explaining to them that student prices were going to increase (in the few countries concerned).

As required by law, the subscriber is then offered to no longer take out such a subscription, but if no action is taken, the price increase will be automatic, and some people won’t realize it until it’s too late. If Apple did not give the official list of countries that would be affected by this price increase, MacRumors estimates that it is: Australia, India, Indonesia, Israel, Kenya, New Zealand, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and finally, South Africa.

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Increases linked to inflation?

It is also difficult to know how much this increase will be, the rate varying from one country to another. According to a tweet from user “Nikhil”, his subscription will be reduced from $1.49 to $1.99. If these small price variations are quite common, it is difficult to give a clear explanation.

If exchange costs are often mentioned, the price of broadcasting licenses is also a variable to take into account, in addition to inflation, which is rising sharply in many countries.

As a reminder, the subscription to AppleMusic costs €9.99 in France, and €4.99 for students. According to our information, the price has not changed in France.


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