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iPhone 12 Pro Bleu Pacifique avant arrière

Capable of capturing videos in 4K definition at 60Hz, the all new iPhone 12 Pro just like its big brother, the iPhone 12 Pro Max are among the best cameras on the market. Indeed, if we stick to the classification proposed by the French magazine DxOMark, some models of their manufacturer were even placed on the podium of the most efficient of their generation in terms of imaging, a year earlier.

iPhone 12 Pro 128 GB at the best price
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Among those who regularly benefit from it, an audience is particularly targeted by Apple’s marketing campaigns: youth. There are thus special discounts for educational establishments, allowing small grants to afford an iPad or a MacBook Air at a reduced price. But the iPhones are not left out, as demonstrated by the brand’s new campaign with apple published on YouTube.

Talent has no age

The video below follows the path of several student directors: Guillermo Mora, Ciara Zoe and AhaNah Chapman. We recognize several advantages of the iPhone, including its format vertical much more suited to current social media trends.

Note also that some of the productions presented here will be put online in long version shortly. See you on January 26 for Our Light Shines in the Dark and the next day for Window to the Soul.

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