Study reveals that people who snore may have a higher risk of cancer

La Apnea Obstructiva del Sueño va más allá de ser un simple ronquido.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea goes beyond being a simple snoring.

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The vast majority of people who snore while they sleep, usually do not give it the required importance to a problem that in addition to affecting their health, affects the sleep of those who share living spaces with them.

Presenting as loud snoring, wheezing, and daytime sleepiness, Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a disorder that affects millions of Americans each year.

According to the American Medical Association, andn the country about 30 million people have OSA, but only 6 million are diagnosed with the condition.

The symptoms are due to a blockage of people’s airways when they sleep, which prevents people from breathing at night and could also put them at increased risk of cancer.

Earlier this week, various health specialists shared some data on studies related to OSA and cancer.

During a medical conference held in Barcelona, ​​Spain, the results of a Swedish study were presented where it is contemplated that people who are overweight or obese, diabetic, smokers or who consume large amounts of alcohol, are the ones who snore when they sleep, but also who are at higher risk of cancer.

Swedish experts said that snoring could have something to do with the lack of oxygen that certain people suffer from at night.

About, Dr. Andreas Palm, senior researcher and consultant at Uppsala University, stressed that OSA patients have an increased risk of cancer.

In this sense, in the institution that it represents, the data of 62,811 patients with OSA were analyzed, but the study began five years before they began treatment for the disorder, in Sweden.

In this way, People with a severe case of the sleep disorder were found to be at increased risk of developing blood clots in the veins, a life-threatening condition.

According to the results, cancer patients generally had more interrupted sleep and more severe OSA.

2,093 patients affected by the sleep disorder were diagnosed with cancer before they had an OSA diagnosis. With a long way to go, the researchers said the study cannot show that OSA causes cancer, only that it is associated with it.

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