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Apple notification abonnement

This is news that may not please anyone. Indeed, Apple today confirmed that the Apple brand is testing a new method to handle price increases for app subscriptions. It all started with a developer receiving a notification that his Disney+ subscription was going to increase the following month.

So far everything is normal, the applications are obliged to seek the agreement of the users to make them suffer a price increase of this kind. But to everyone’s surprise, the notification only allowed one thing: accept the price increase.

A simple “test” reassures Apple

A dishonest practice to say the least, because the applications are supposed to offer their subscribers the choice of leaving the service and terminating their subscription in the event of a price increase, which was not the case here for Disney+. Only a big “ok” button at the bottom of the notification was visible.

According to an Apple spokesperson, this automation of price increases is being tested in many application categories, and around the world. Disney+ would not have been favored in any way, because it is a very popular application which brings in thousands of euros for Apple.

At least, that’s what the official version, defended by both parties, assures. And after playing dead for several days, Apple has finally decided to explain its gesture. Still according to a spokesperson for the Cupertino company, this change is “brilliant” whether for developers or users. He continued by assuring that Apple would give additional answers in the coming weeks.

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Apple: collect everything as long as possible?

If no clear hypothesis can be drawn from this story for the moment, the various legal actions all over the world can explain the choices made by Apple in recent months. The Cupertino company knows that its commissions within the App Store are threatened, and it must already let developers use third-party systems in South Korea and the Netherlands.

While the idea of ​​breaking Apple’s monopoly is spreading like wildfire, the Apple brand seems to want to pick up the jackpot as quickly as possible, before closing up shop.

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