Summary of Apple’s latest announcements for its investors


$ 123.9 billion: these are the revenues earned by Apple from October to November 2021, a record. And as usual after the presentation of these figures, Tim Cook and Luca Maestri (financial director) took the time to discuss with several major investors afterwards. Here is a quick debrief of this exchange.


Among the statistics published by Apple, one has already caused much ink to flow: the iPad sales are down 14% from last year. According to Cupertino, these are in fact the consequences of problems in the subcontracting chain, victim of an ever-present shortage of components.

Moreover, according to Tim Cook, these worries were even worse during the last quarter than during the previous one. They would also affect most Apple products, but the situation should calm down by March.

Excellent scores in all areas

Again according to the CEO of Apple, these are 1.8 billion devices of the brand who are active worldwide (+150 million compared to last year). Another major benefit: $260 billion was returned to developers in the fourth quarter, which is also a record. As for Macs, they are now mostly equipped with proprietary chips when they find takers according to Maestri.

On the tablet side, half of the buyers are new customers, compared to two-thirds for the Apple Watch. Finally, Cook recalls that the demand for iPhone 13 is still very strong.

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To be continued…

To conclude, Tim Cook also raised the famous question of metaverse explaining “invest” intelligently in the field, which has for him “a lot of potential“. We know that his company is already working seriously on the subject, as certain patents or persistent rumors of a homemade VR headset have been able to prove.

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