summary of the third day in Apple Park (video)

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It all started this Monday evening with a keynote so Apple has been used to it for several years now. Opening its week of discussions with developers around the world, the Apple brand is offering a big show to present its latest achievements, particularly in terms of software, but not only.

We were able to discover in length the new version of iOS 16, which includes a feature to customize the lock screen. The new version of the iPhone OS will also make the native iMessage application a real competitor to WhatsApp and other instant messaging applications.

But in addition to these “consumer” features, Apple always takes advantage of WWDC to present new solutions for developers, which are the historical center of this conference. The latter are also invited by Apple to join the Apple Park for this very special week and thus discuss with the engineers and the Apple teams to better integrate the new functionalities into their third-party applications.

A week to discuss with the developers

After a first day of discussion centered around iOS and the new features resulting from the update, Apple had followed up the day before yesterday by offering discussions centered around the iPads, and their new feature: Stage Manager.

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It is therefore logical that the Cupertino company focused the third day of this week of discussions around the famous Apple shortcuts. The Apple brand has thus given all the necessary keys to developers so that they can take advantage of the power of the iPhone camera, but also of new programming solutions on iPad, to make the application ever more fluid and simple. of use.

As announced in the YouTube video, today (Thursday) should be an opportunity for Apple to present new features available or improved thanks to the updates presented this Monday. It should in particular be a question of the support for the Arabic language in the design of the applications, but also of the new functionalities of iMessage which have caused a lot of ink to flow in recent days.

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