Sunday brunch at the grandparents’ house: Why do Latinos continue this tradition?

El brunch dominical ayuda a reforzar vínculos con los abuelos y otros miembros de la familia.

In Latino families, one of the most widespread customs and one that is still maintained is that of going to the house of grandparents on Sundays to enjoy a traditional brunch. A unique opportunity to to share a good family time and recharge energy for the week starting the next day.

Certainly, it is very typical that, when the Sunday, the whole family gathers. Brothers, uncles, cousins… all around the dishes that are prepared following legacy recipes and maintaining the history of the roots of each one. The key is that, while we strengthen ties, we eat healthy.

Sunday brunch at the grandparents' house: Why do Latinos continue this tradition?
Experts say that eating as our grandparents and great-great-grandparents did is the key to eating healthily and having a better quality of life / Credit: Shutterstock.

We all enjoy this special day, even people who are not used to sharing this type of weekly meetings are integrated into the family in a special way, thanks to the meetings on Sundays.

A brunch at the grandparents’ house gives us the opportunity to show the little ones -and not so little ones- the importance of being with the family and connecting with each other. It serves so that the grandparents do not feel forgotten and share special moments with the grandchildren.

Telling anecdotes, keeping up to date with what is happening in each one’s life, cooking and eating delicious… Everything counts to enrich life. After all, a Sunday is perfect to share and enjoy the most delicious food. They say that love is won through the stomach, right? Well, it stays that way too.

Sunday brunch at the grandparents' house: Why do Latinos continue this tradition?Sunday brunch at the grandparents' house: Why do Latinos continue this tradition?
Homemade tamales, ideal for Sundays / Credit: Shutterstock.

It’s almost impossible not strengthen the family bond in front of some tamales, tacos, some arepas and some cakes for the final touch. An good taste of mouth that lasts us until next sunday and a good way to dshow love to grandparentsSunday to Sunday.

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