Apple MAC Super Mario Odyssey also works on MacBook Pro M1

Super Mario Odyssey also works on MacBook Pro M1


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A developer by the name of “Sera Tonin Brocious” announced on Twitter that it has successfully emulated the Super Mario Odyssey game, originally designed for the Nintendo Switch, on a 13-inch MacBook Pro equipped with the new M1 chip.

This small feat was made possible thanks to the open source Yuzu emulator. The developer bragged on Twitter that he was able to get the game to work on his MacBook Pro. A possible demonstration, because the Nintendo Switch, like the new M1 chip, works with an ARM architecture.

If the developer came in a second step, temper his remarks, and provide details on the operation of his find. He nevertheless announced that the game performance was poor. Despite the complaints of many users, he did not give a procedure to succeed in reproducing his exploit, simply explaining in outline the mode of operation that he used.

Is the M1 chip stronger than anything?

This new demonstration shows, once again, all the capabilities of the M1 chip in the new MacBooks. If she was here out of her chosen field, she still managed to make Nintendo Switch games work, proof of her computing power.

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Other developers have also had fun running exotic software on Apple’s new MacBook Air and Pro, in order to test the limits of this new M1 chip. But many of them were amazed at the power of Apple’s new processor, which offers performance far above expectations.

This is particularly the case when a developer wanted to install Windows 10 on his Mac, the latter then worked better than on a Surface Pro from Microsoft.

Apple is envious of its new processor?

Faced with the “omnipotence” of Apple’s chips that nothing seems to stop, the competition would be ready to copy the Apple model. Indeed, we learned a few days ago that Microsoft was also thinking of producing its own processors in the coming years, in order to compete with Apple and its “in-house” technology.

But if the Apple Silicon project is envious, it should be remembered that it is the result of a decade of work, and that Microsoft will not be able to catch up with Apple simply by developing its processor in six months, or a year. It will take years for a Microsoft chip to come out of Redmond, but then again, it could be a revolution, and one more blow to Intel.

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- Advertisement -Super Mario Odyssey also works on MacBook Pro M1Super Mario Odyssey also works on MacBook Pro M1

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- Advertisement -Super Mario Odyssey also works on MacBook Pro M1Super Mario Odyssey also works on MacBook Pro M1

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