Supposed iPhone 14 screens show up indiscreetly


Despite major delays related to the coronavirus pandemic and the shortage of chips in Asia, the iPhone 14 would be well and truly on its way by the end of the year. Four models are expected, according to most of the information published so far. The classic model to start with, with its 6.1 inches diagonal to the counter, but also a declination Max of 6.7 inches and two iPhone 14 Pros of similar sizes.

Apparently confirming these allegations, the youtuber Saran shared a few hours ago on his Twitter account images of components that may be used for our quartet. These are the front glass panels, protecting the screen and whose dimensions actually seem to correspond with the latest rumors.

Design change

The most seasoned audience will probably have noticed several differences with the panoply of current iPhone 13s, if not of course the abandonment of the mini format. Starting with the highly controversial notch ending on the Pro models, replaced here by a duo of punches : the first in the shape of a pill, the second circular on its right. This is where the technology of the TrueDepth sensor, running Face ID and capable of capturing selfies by scanning the user’s face in three dimensions, should be kept.

Still for the iPhone 14 Pro, we also see that the edges surrounding the screen are thinner. They would be 20% compared to previous mobile generations, according to other figures shared upstream. Still others ensure that the corners will see the radius revised to match that of the module integrating the back camera, but the difference is difficult to see with the naked eye.

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Finally, the aspect ratio of the display would go from 20:9 to 19.5:9, but again the difference with the iPhone 13 is quite anecdotal. However, on a large scale (the brand selling tens of millions of devices each quarter), this strategy may mean cost reduction for Apple.

No release date yet

New premium iPhones usually come out in september ; it is therefore during this period that we are firmly awaiting the presentation of the iPhone 14 during a keynote with great fanfare. Despite everything, it has already happened that we have to wait longer, for example with the case of the iPhone 12 announced in October 2020 because of… the quarantine linked to COVID-19, which is therefore precisely picking up again in China.

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