Surprisingly, this iPhone 12 mini is actually a prototype

iPhone 12 mini prototype

During the magazine’s visit to Apple Park Wallpaper, readers were able to see for the very first time mockups of iPhone 13 Pro dedicated to tests, while these units remained confidential until now. They can indeed be very different from the versions marketed in the end, thus remaining particularly sensitive.

Despite everything, it happens that clever kids manage to get hold of it. This is the case of Giulio Zompetti, who recently showed us an iPhone 4 “death star” with a very successful design. But today, it is another Internet user who shared three photos of a prototype ofiPhone 12 mini : Majin Bu. We recognize the compact size of the device, as well as its characteristic notch.

Software problems?

As in the case of the new MacBook Pro, we can see here that the notch does not seem to be supported correctly by the operating system. Information displayed at the top of the screen is indeed truncated on the left, while on the right the battery icon looks distorted. A real problem that will have finally been solved on the computer side as well as on the mobile side.

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Moreover, we do not really notice a noticeable difference with the final iPhone 12 at the front, except for the program launched here, completely unknown. We also distinguish the FaceTime camera and the charging port, always installed at the bottom of the phone.

No flash

At the rear, however, it is difficult not to notice the absence of LED which illuminate the scenes to be photographed at night. Have they been removed for a specific purpose? Unless the element has simply been lost, which is not unlikely given the condition some of these prototypes find themselves in after traveling to their final owner.

Difficult, moreover, to know how this iPhone 12 mini ended up on the web. Majin Bu specifies however that it is not his, the pictures emanating from an Asian site where a salesman tries to get rid of the smartphone for 10,000 yuan, or approximately 1,386 euros in China. Will he find a taker? Collectors of Apple rarities are numerous; it is therefore not impossible.

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