LifeStyle Relationships Sustainable diet: An environmentally friendly diet model

Sustainable diet: An environmentally friendly diet model


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The world is changing and different measures need to be taken. Know everything about sustainable food and its immense benefits for health and the environment

Today we have at hand a long list of dietary guidelines which are mainly recognized for their benefits to lose weight. However in recent months health has become the most important issue and that is why all kinds of trends which are popular for their therapeutic properties.

The truth is the world is changing and it’s time to create a different consciousness. Being the global pollution one of the issues of greatest concern worldwide and related to devastating consequences for the human health and the planet, with increasing force, various specialists have emphasized the possible damage of the gas emissions from waste products, it is even said that they are a factor that will put human survival at risk in the coming decades. This has been a worrying issue for many and in a way it was inspiring to see the measures that have been put in placeIn fact, the main ones are directly related to diet. One of the most popular streams is the sustainable diet, an exemplary eating model.

What is a sustainable diet?

In recent months everyone talks about the sustainable eating stylee, this is because its main objective is reduce the ecological footprint of human beings on the planet. It is a current that seeks to limit the negative impact on the environment and it is a lifestyle that contributes to conserve and regenerate natural resources. The main ways in which you seek to achieve this is using much less energy and above all eliminated the use of chemicals in the most important food industries: lto livestock and agriculture.

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Taking into account the statements of specialist scientists, it is estimated that 9,000 million people will inhabit the earth in 2050. It is a fact that food demand will increase considerably, if we add to this projection the lifestyle of the western population, the excessive consumption of animal products, fast foods and processed foods, the future outlook is somewhat worrying.

That is why the sustainable diet arises, as an alternative to live better and ensure a better future for future generations. Defend the purchase of indigenous food with the aim of reducing the costs of international transport and using some very basic guidelines, proposes reduce gas emissions into the atmosphere.

One of the great characteristics of this diet is found in the priority it gives to the consumption of vegetarian food, great qualities that are products with a renewal rate much higher than those of animal origin. Also because if impact on power chains is much less. Another of its genius is that it is a lifestyle that is based on the purchase of local, fresh and seasonal food. This is not only a basic aspect in nutrition and health, it’s a great way to activate the local economy.

Additionally this lifestyle and diet is related to a long list of therapeutic benefits, relates to benefits to speed up metabolism, helps to have a healthy weight, is a great ally in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and protects the brain. At the same time, the consumption of foods of plant origin prevents conditions such as cholesterol and high sugar, hypertension and even benefits the brain function.

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The consumption of this type of organic and pure food assures us the total absorption of nutrients that the body needs to function properly. They are foods of great medicinal power rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber and essential phytochemical compounds, stand out for their great anti-inflammatory power.

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Undoubtedly a good and accessible way to contribute our grain of sand for a better world. Best of all, it is very easy to join this way of living and thinking. How to do it? Now you know: avoid processed foods, consume local and organic, base your diet on products of plant origin, do not use plastic and avoid everything you consider polluting.




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