Suzuki renews the iconic Katana | Motorcycles

Suzuki renews the iconic Katana | Motorcycles

Three years after his return to life, it is the turn of the Suzuki katana to receive a complete update that ranges from minor aesthetic touches to a necessary mechanical update, highlighting the arrival of a greater number of technological assistants. It will reach dealerships at mid 2022.

One of the key points of the Suzuki is the update of its 999cc engine, not so much because of the increase in power it experiences, since it is minimal when going from 150 to 152 CV, but because it is now adapted to the demands of the Euro5 standard. In addition, the range of revolutions in which the engine torque is delivered has also been improved.

To make his behavior even more tame, incorporate the Ride-by-Wire electronic throttle, with which the power delivery is smoothed, thus adding to the benefits of the Suzuki Drive Mode Selector, which allows you to choose between three engine response modes: A for the more sporty character, B that softens the initial delivery and C designed for wet driving.

It is just one of the many electronic assistance systems available to the Katana, which has new additions: Bidirectional Quick Change System, Traction control, which has five modes and can be disabled; Clutch Assist System, which reduces the engine brake when downshifting at high revs; Suzuki Easy Start and Low RPM Assist, which help prevent the motorcycle from stalling when driving slowly.

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Suzuki katana

The chassis, made of aluminum with double beam and swingarm derived from the GSX-R, receives improvements, it mounts a fully adjustable front fork KYB, the rear shock absorber is adjustable in preload and extension, it has Brembo monobloc calipers with 310mm diameter front discs, the wheels are cast aluminum and are wrapped in Dunlop SPORTMAX Roadsport2 tires custom designed.

Finally, they add two new color combinations to the offer, the matt dark blue with the fork and the gold wheels, and the dark gray with red wheels.

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