Swello, our opinion on this planning tool for social networks

In the management of social accounts, certain tasks can be time consuming, such as programming its publications or analyzing its statistics, for example. The solution developed by the start-up Swello allows you to save time and automate certain recurring tasks in the daily management of social networks. Curious? In this article, we present to you the features that you can find in the solution and how they will help you to effectively animate your social accounts.

Swello, the (French) solution to plan your social media posts

Swello programming publications

Whether you work in an agency, at the advertiser or as a freelance, Swello is a complete solution that allows you to manage all of your social accounts : Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Saving you time so you can focus on creating engaging content for your subscribers is their credo.

In a few figures, Swello has already made it possible to program 4 million posts from over 70,000 users including Backmarket or the French Government who trust him.

Want to know more about Swello? Here are the 3 types of features offered by the platform:

1- The programming of publications on social networks with Swello

Swello programming tweets

The main functionality of Swello is of course the scheduling of publications on social networks.

After connecting all of your social profiles, you can schedule your post or tweet on one or more accounts simultaneously (in case you want to broadcast the same message on several accounts).

In terms of Instagram programming, the tool allows you to directly post a photo / video only. To program Stories / Carrousels / IGTVs / Reels, the French tool allows you to publish via notification.

The text tool allows you to write your post, mention and add hashtags.

The emojis are directly integrated into the platform, which is very useful when you are used to copy and paste from a third-party site 😉

Swello also offers the creation of a list of hashtags (which you can find in the shared library section) which can be added automatically to the writing of your publications to avoid manual addition.

Speaking of media, you can import your own content from your computer or smartphone or take advantage of the free Unsplash and Giphy image bank directly linked to the platform (note, the GIF format does not work on LinkedIn).

If you want to create or modify your visuals, a retouching tool is at your disposal (Swello Pixel): adaptation of the format, filters, creation of templates …

Its little extras?

  • The integrated link reducer ! Nothing could be simpler in terms of use, you add the link in the body of your publication, it is automatically reduced with the possibility of personalizing it with the domain name of your site or that of your client as well as the ‘link extension.
  • The scoring tool who will rate your post before scheduling it and give you some tips to improve it.
  • The preview of publications before programming as well as feed on Instagram to ensure graphic consistency
  • Sharing the editorial calendar where all the scheduled publications, events and chestnut trees appear to give visibility to your team or your client without them needing access.

2- Analysis of statistics on Swello

Swello statistics publications

The statistics feature offered by Swello offers you the possibility of follow reduced links with visibility on the number of clicks, their evolution over time, their sources, the geographical origin of the links and the devices used.

To follow the statistics related to a particular social network, go to the community tab. So you can observe the evolution of the engagement rate, the number of subscribers, interactions and many other KPI’s …) that you want over a desired period and make a comparison.

Regarding Instagram, the statistics are arranged in a complete dashboard even offering a Top of the best Posts as well as Stories statistics.

In addition, Swello has developed a specific feature on Twitter to follow the evolution of your competitors’ accounts in real time on the network.

Statistical reports can be viewed directly on the platform and can be exported in csv and PDF formats.

3- The monitoring platform integrated into Swello

Swello monitoring platform

Depending on your sector of activity or that of your clients, you can create a monitoring dashboard on all the news that you want to follow both on the web and on social networks. The advantage? Everything is centralized in one place!

You can choose from collections already created on the platform or import your own sources of information (private collection) which can come from an RSS feed, a Google alert or even a Facebook page.

The little extra of Swello? It is the possibility of classify information by relevance, so you can quickly see the content and topics that work best on social networks.

The advantages of Swello (and its areas for improvement) according to us

In short, you’ll get it, Swello is here to make your life easier and centralize all your social media programming needs in one place. We strongly encourage you to test the platform (if you haven’t already!). If you’re still unsure, we’ve listed the pros and cons of the solution:

Clear and intuitive interface Available languages: English and French Mobile application available on iOs and Android to program anywhere Secure platform (data stored in France on SecNumCloud servers) Responsive French support Lacks moderation functionality “Macro” view of statistical performance

Swello’s prices

To get an idea of ​​the solution, Swello offers you a free 7-day trial. Thereafter, you can choose to subscribe to an annual or monthly subscription knowing that two months of subscription are automatically offered to you. We invite you to discover the prices in more detail:

Medium – € 9.90 / month (annual) or € 11.90 / month (monthly) Large – € 29.90 / month (annual) or € 35.90 / month (monthly) Business – from € 49.90 / month (personalized offer depending on the number of users and social profiles)
1 user 5 social profiles Access to programming features 5 users 15 social profiles Access to programming and analysis features + 15 users + 15 social profiles Access to programming, analysis and monitoring functions

Our opinion on Swello

Swello is, for us, a great social media management tool if you are a community manager. Indeed, the solution brings together all the tools you use on a daily basis to manage your social network accounts and those of your customers. No need to open 50 tabs in your browser anymore!

You now have everything at your disposal to do grow your community and save time that you can use to develop your creativity and new engaging content!

This article was written in the framework of a sponsored partnership with Swello

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