Switch eSCRAMBLER, a retro electric with 150 kilometers of autonomy | Motorcycles

Switch eSCRAMBLER, a retro electric with 150 kilometers of autonomy | Motorcycles

Motorcycles are a very conducive field to implement the mechanical electrical: being lighter, they don’t need as much power to move and, with a shorter range of use than a car, they can fit smaller batteries that weigh less and are cheaper. It is, therefore, a flourishing framework to which new incorporations do not stop arriving. The ESCRAMBLER switch is a Switch Motorcycles proposal that combines an emission-free powertrain with a retro look.

It draws attention to the minimalism of its design in which, others, polygonal shapes and edges predominate.

He Deposit It is false and acts as a warehouse for electrical components, and under it is the battery pack, finished in black, which is the most voluminous element of the frame. All of this is embedded in a double cradle chassis.

On the front of the Switch eSCRAMBLER there is no mask, just a round lighthouse. The instrument panel is limited to a minimal screen that shows the speed and the state of charge of the battery and, behind the seat, very slim and for only one person, is the set formed by the narrow brake light and the tiny blinkers.

Regarding its technical section, it mounts a 68 hp (50 kW of power), enough to carry your 140 kilos of 0 to 100 km / h in 3.2 seconds and reach a maximum speed of 150 km / h. The mentioned drums has a capacity of 13 kWh and supplies power to circulate for 150 kilometers. Its charging times are unknown, but the manufacturer has already confirmed that the production version will feature a three-mode drive system.

The Switch eSCRAMBLER will arrive in 2022 and its approximate price will be about $ 12,000, which at the current exchange rate is just under 10,000 euros.


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