Sym Maxsym TL 500: a maxi scooter for less than 7,500 euros | Motorcycles

Sym Maxsym TL 500: a maxi scooter for less than 7,500 euros | Motorcycles

Walk close to the best and cost almost half. With this formula, Sym wants to revolutionize the segment of large medium-capacity scooters. And his proposal, the new Maxsym TL 500, gather arguments to achieve it. For starters, it offers a modern and eye-catching design, good overall quality, a 465cc twin-cylinder engine and some benefits and very accomplished behavior and almost sports dyes.

Also, add five-year warranty, free registration and third-party insurance included during the first year, that, if the buyer is over 21 years old, he can become fully comprehensive for an extra 50 euros. AND it costs 7,499 euros, only a little more than half that of the Yamaha TMax 560, the market leader (from 12,499 euros) in this type of model.

BMW, Honda, Kymco, Suzuki and Yamaha form the elite group of manufacturers that They sell scooters with twin-cylinder engines, which is now joined by Sym. And while the Maxsym TL 500 is not quite as sophisticated a product as the TMax or some of its rivals, it offers a lot for the price and is almost unbeatable value for money.

The counterpart to its better price is reduced to the finish, simpler than other models, although satisfactory, and the equipment, which lacks some high-end elements present in the competition such as the electronic key, the power maps or the communication with the mobile. But its mechanics meet cutting-edge technology and its behavior attests to it.

The Maxsym’s engine cubes 465cc and produces 41 hp at 6,750 rpm. Above all, a smooth response has been sought, with good thrust at mid-range and a remarkable stretched finish, although it ends somewhat soon. But it is just at low and medium speed where this type of vehicle is most used and there it meets with note. Comes from a standstill with vigorous acceleration, offers a constant and forceful thrust between 3,500 and 6,200 revolutions, and at a sustained 120 km / h it runs smoothly at 4,000 laps, still remaining a large power reserve.

Sym Maxsym TL 500: a maxi scooter for less than 7,500 euros | Motorcycles

Digital instrumentation.

Apart from the motor, the overall balance is also convincing, because the frame, suspensions and brakes work like a charm. In the city, despite not being a very light scooter (it weighs 223 kilos), it performs well and is agile and manageable. On the highway it has a smooth ride, with good protection and a firm footprint. And in twisty sections or Curvy roads are surprisingly efficient. Only the somewhat harsh rear suspension could be one of the few buts.

As for his equipment, all lighting is by LED, the windshield screen can be adjusted in height In two positions, the digital instrumentation includes various settings and extending the kickstand engages the parking brake. In addition, it has a remote opening for the gas cap and USB socket, and the gap under the seat fits a full face helmet or two jets.

In short, Sym has done a great job with this Maxsym 500 TL, they have built a dynamically efficient and balanced set, perhaps less luxurious and exclusive than its competitors, but with a real bargain price that makes it one of the most accessible models of its size and cylinder capacity.

Sym Maxsym TL 500: a maxi scooter for less than 7,500 euros | Motorcycles

Hollow under the seat.

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