System 7 and Mac OS 8 to test from your browser

Mac OS 8

Released in 1991, System 7 brought some serious user interface improvements. Several major bugs will however spoil the party between version 7.5.2 and version 7.6 (Harmony), but the operating system for Mac has quickly gained in popularity so much so that the machines which are still equipped with it have almost become parts of collection.

This version will be followed by Mac OS 8 in July 1997, the first edition whose name is similar to that of current Apple computers. The design will also be revisited with three-dimensional graphics, while the application Finder will become more efficient. Among the machines delivered with this version, one can quote those turning with processors Power PC of second generation.

Test Mac OS 8

Mihai Parparita, a developer based in Cupertino where the Apple Park is also located, has managed to virtualize macOS so that you can try it from any current device (MacBook Pro, Windows, etc.). To do this, just go to this link, preferably with a large screen available. You can then navigate through applications such as notepad or calculator.

The ergonomics are of course light years away from what Monterey offers, but the original colors and icons are preserved. We also recognize the old Apple logo in the menu bar as well as the Finder icon which still looks like today. But don’t expect to be able to create a folder or play the puzzle; not all features are supported.

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Test System 7

If your era is rather that of System 7, then know that the creator of the emulator did the same with it. To discover the result, it’s right here. Similar errors should be noted, but it is possible to search for a document, launch the virtual keyboard or modify post-its installed on the desktop with Stickies. The app still exists today.

Be careful though: it is better to take advantage of it quickly. It is indeed possible that Apple decides to eliminate these sites for the sake of intellectual property. Remember that the license is basically paid, sold $99 -that is about 90 euros at the exchange rate of the time- for Mac OS 8.

 - Official App
– Official App

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