tactile clothing, curved iMac and Touch ID under the screen


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  • iPhone 12 : If you’ve ever wanted to know how the golden color of iPhone 12 delivers such shine, it’s all explained here
  • Touch ID : the fingerprint sensor may return to high-end iPhones soon, but then it would be installed under the screen, like at Samsung or Oppo
Touch ID under the screen

© Apple / USPTO

  • Reverse recharge
  • Illuminated borders : do not ask us what it is for, but Apple thinks illuminate the space that surrounds the screen of their mobiles


  • iMac : all glass, Apple’s all-in-one computer could offer a touch screen at its base, alongside an integrated keyboard (source)
iMac conceptiMac concept

© Yanko Design

  • Pro Display XDR : it seems that smaller screens are in preparation at Apple, and precisely a patent comes to give credit to this thesis
  • Virtual whiteboards : Apple wants to transform the aluminum panel of your MacBook into a virtual support for your documents, with which a stylus allows you to interact, as with some video projectors
macbook whiteboardmacbook whiteboard

© Apple / USPTO

Apple watch

  • Digital crown : say goodbye to the famous dial and hello to an optical sensor that recognizes your gestures like AssistiveTouch (details)
Apple Watch patentApple Watch patent

© Apple / USPTO

  • On boarding : a new way to discover the ECG or the measurement of the heartbeat, shown here
  • Thermometer : several rumors announce that this sensor will soon be available on Watch, here is a new clue in his favour
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  • Connected clothing : Apple wants to make the sleeves of your clothes tactile, to control various interfaces (details)
wearable applewearable apple

© Apple / USPTO

  • AirPods : how Space Audio works becomes clearer
  • Blood pressure : an armband could be used to detect hypertension, in a similar way to certain connected watches
  • Siri Remote : a remote control, for Apple TV or your HomeKit objects, including a biometric scanner
Siri remote Touch IDSiri remote Touch ID

© Apple / USPTO

  • Magic Keyboard : to offer you more viewing angles, iPad covers and other keyboards are in this file accompanied by a new mechanism to support the whole
ipad stand patentipad stand patent

© Apple / USPTO

  • Apple Arcade : a joystick for the video game platform, are you interested?
Apple patent controllerApple patent controller

© Apple / USPTO

  • Sport : this document details how the visual analysis of your gait by cameras would make it possible to learn more about your physical form, which would make sense with the development of Fitness +

Apple Car

After the screens on the outside of the car, Apple’s vehicle could also offer touch controls inside. For example, on the armrests or the door.


  • New Century Optoelectronics : Company Attacks Apple for Infringing Nine Patents Detailing Technology Similar to Mini-LED Displays on iPad Pro, Aiming to Raise $ 7.5 Million in Compensation
  • Ericsson : Appe continues the company, which would ask it for royalties too high to use its intellectual property
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