What techniques exist to delay premature ejaculation?

¿Qué técnicas existen para retrasar la eyaculación precoz?

[ad_1] Premature ejaculation has different causes; from insecurity, stress or anxiety, going through physiological problems. The truth is that, in order to treat it, it is necessary to have professional support. Here we will talk more about it. Techniques to control premature ejaculation According to the Mayo Clinic, to delay premature ejaculation there are different …

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Sexual intercourse Health Benefits

Sexual Intercourse Health Benefits

Gone are the days when “being healthy” referred only to a person’s physical appearance. Currently, the concept of “health” encompasses the emotional, intellectual, and social aspects of the individual. Sexual health is also included within the current concept of general health and well-being. The World Health Organization defines sexual health as a “state of physical, emotional, …

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