Tampa Mayor Jane Castor agrees to receive her entire salary in Bitcoin

Tampa Mayor Jane Castor agrees to receive her entire salary in Bitcoin By Angel Di Matteo @shadowargel

With Castor, now there are 4 mayors interested in receiving their salary in Bitcoin More political officials are expected to join this initiative in the coming days.


The Mayor of Tampa, Jane Castor, also expressed her intention to become part of the group of political officials who will receive all of their salaries in Bitcoin

Mayor of Tampa will receive her salary in Bitcoin

This was announced by the mayor herself during the event Bitcoin & Blockchain Summit, which was held last week in the state of Florida and was sponsored by Celsius. There, the official expressed her intention to receive her salary in digital currency, for which she will have the support of Celsius’s CTO, Nuke Goldstein, who will personally help her make this possible.

In this regard, Castor commented:

“With the backing of Nuke, he sent me… a challenge from some mayors to accept your payment in Bitcoin. I am accepting that challenge, but as I told Nuke, I need a responsible adult to guide me through this process. “

Castor’s declaration of intent comes at an especially good time for Tampa Bay, with Forbes magazine calling the city the fastest growing emerging financial technologies in the US. Surveys also place the town above Miami in terms of technology adoption, which is why it appears as a very attractive space for companies and startups from various sectors.

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There are already four political officials

With the announcement of Castor, in total there are already four political officials who have decided to support the call of the investor and speaker Bitcoin, Anthony Pompliano, who asked publicly through his Twitter account who would become the first political official to receive his entire salary in digital currency.

The first to respond to his request was the mayor of the city of Miami, Francis Suárez, who assured that his next paycheck would be received in full in Bitcoin Later the newly elected mayor of New York, Eric Adams, who two days later tripled the bet of his counterpart, and said that “I would go big” as you will receive your first three salaries in digital currency.

Before Castor joined this group, Jackson Mayor Scott Conger also expressed his intention to follow these steps. In this case, he would choose to convert his entire salary to Bitcoin, so he could not receive it directly from the public administration.

Meanwhile, Pompliano’s initiative has escalated to the next level, as now the investor and speaker invited his followers to investigate whether the mayors and / or political officials of the place where they reside would be willing to take this step. It is expected that more personalities will join this call, although at the moment it is not clear which will be the next name to appear on this list.

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