Tatiana will be the new host of MasterChef Celebrity

Tatiana will be the new host of MasterChef Celebrity

MasterChef is one of the most successful programs on TV Azteca, and for a few days the names of some possible contestants for the second season of its Celebrity edition began to circulate on social networks; One of the first to make himself known was Macky González, who shared exclusively with Grupo Formula his intention to appear in this reality cooking show. Now what is striking is who could be the new driver.

It was the entertainment journalist Álex Kaffie who exclusively revealed that Tatiana has been so well received in the edition of MasterChef Junior, that she could return to conquer the audience in her adult version.

Tatiana [@TatianaPalacios] will be the host of ‘Master Chef Celebrities’, whose second season begins recording on Monday. The nicknamed ‘Queen of Children’ repeats her (she was already the host of ‘Children’s Master Chef’) position. I’m sure he’ll do great.” Kaffie said on Twitter.

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