Tea lover? Five exotic variants to try that will do your health good

¿Amante del té? Cinco variantes exóticas para probar que harán bien a tu salud

Tea is one of the most wonderful drinks, the oriental culture affirms that its consumption brings happiness, wisdom and great health. Discover new and exotic variants with great therapeutic potential

Everything good we can say about tea falls short. It is considered one of the healthiest drinks that existnot for nothing has it been an element for years nutritional and medicinal fundamental to the Oriental culture.

It is wonderful to know what tea means to him oriental man, for them it is much more than a simple drink; tea brings happiness, wisdom, It prevents illnesses, cheer up, quiet the mind and spirit, lightens digestion and generally benefits the functioning of the whole organism. The truth is drink a good cup of tea it will always be a habit comforting, warm and therapeutic.

It has always been a valued and popular drink, however in recent years as part of various currents of natural medicine, herbal medicine and herbal medicine, the different tea variants have become an indispensable complement in remedies for combat ailments and diseases.

Various studies have verified the immense medicinal benefits of tea and it is proven that there are variants that are related to their qualities for encourage weight loss, regulate cholesterol, prevent diseases such as diabetes, cancer, digestive type, heart conditions and it is even related to benefits to improve the state of mental alertness.

The world of tea is fascinating and it is most interesting to know about the different variants that exist. The truth is that each type of tea is perfect, they are distinguished by providing different flavors, aromas and benefits that make it unique and unrepeatable. If you are a tea lover surely you will find it interesting to know about the more exotic teas and their genius.

1. Dragon tea

This tea is one of the most exotic and valued varieties that exist. It is a type of roasted green tea which has the peculiarity of occurring in a west lake in hangzhou, province of Zhejiang of China and it is distinguished by being of high quality. Much of its value is due to the fact that it is a type of tea that requires intensive and highly specific labor, I know about 30,000 shots are plucked by hand to get a pound of tea. Its leaves are dried on bamboo mats and they are cooked in a special wok at high temperatures.

two. Guayusa

One of the rarest teas that exist, is a native variant of the jungle amazon of Ecuador and it is produced from the leaves of a holly tree (ilex guayusa). It is very popular since it is a variant of tea with high caffeine content (one cup contains 90 mg of caffeine), is associated with stimulating effects Very similar to coffee, it is therefore one of the strongest varieties of tea that exist. In fact after coffee is the second plant with more caffeine in nature.

It is quite common to consume it in two ways in its pure or infused version with a variety of different flavors like mint, chocolate, bye or the favorite of many of peach. Guayusa tea contains 50% more antioxidants than green tea and is associated with medicinal wonders. It stands out for its powerful effects for balance the body’s pH and the levels of sugar in the blood, improves kidney function, benefits digestion and lowers blood pressure.

3. White pearl tea

White tea is one of the more refined variants that exist. This type of tea consists of sprouts 100% freshly sprouted, who go through a delicate process being hand rolled into small pearls, which unfold smoothly when infused. It is a fine and subtle variant.

There are several factors that make it so unique. its low production It covers very few days of the year and only happens in China, mainly in the province of Fujian. It is difficult to obtain and due to its limited availability is a very expensive and rare tea. Its health benefits include a lower risk of cancer and cardiovascular disorders, and it contains anti-aging properties that help maintain a good health and healthy skin.

4. Yellow tea buds

A marvel of history surrounds this variant of tea and is due to the fact that sIt smelled of being collected and served exclusively to the emperors of China. Today it is a variant of the most expensive and exotic that exists a true delicacy, it is harvested on a single mountain, one day a year and cut with gold scissors, and then dry with the faint rays of the sun. Finally it is placed in closed containers to slightly heat the tea leaves, this makes it release polyphenols it contains and gives you a yellowish color to the leaves, with svery soft and fruity and floral. To finish the tea is painted with 24 carat gold.

5. Allegria Jasmine Burst-Green Tea

One of the variants that in recent years has become more fashionable for its perfume, beauty with unmatched taste is jasmine tea. It is believed to have been produced for the first time during the cultural flourishing of the Song dynasty (960-1279). One of the most unique and beautiful details of this variant is that it is a “Blooming tea” its white tips split open to reveal arabic jasmine flowers. Undoubtedly a very cultural and symbolic tea in China, specifically the variant Allegria Jasmine Burst was created as a tribute to the original producers of jasmine tea.


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