Techniques for good SEO on Google

Techniques for good SEO on Google

Google is the most popular search engine in the world. In France, it alone concentrates more than 90% of the research carried out. Positioning your site well on this American search engine is therefore imperative, if you really want to offer it good visibility. How to proceed to properly reference a website on Google? In this article, discover the techniques that will allow you to boost your position on the leader of search engines.

Perform an SEO audit of your website

How can you increase traffic to your pages on Google if you don’t follow SEO fundamentals? Any natural referencing strategy must imperatively be preceded by an SEO audit. The latter analyzes, through certain specific tools, several factors relating to your website and your activity. The analysis is particularly interested in parameters such as:

  • Site performance ;
  • Keywords used ;
  • The architecture and content of the pages ;
  • The competition strategy.

Some very practical tools help specialists to carry out a complete audit of web portals. The SEO audit makes it possible to identify the problems that hamper the good SEO of a website. It also helps to establish, on the basis of the results of the diagnosis, the best action plan, the referencing strategy adapted to your internet platform. In particular, you can consult the SEO guide on to learn more about SEO auditing and many other SEO tips on Google.

Choose the keywords used carefully

An SEO strategy on Google is built around specific keywords. Finding the right keywords is imperative to rank your pages on Google. Your list of queries may now be out of date. In this case, it deserves an update to match current realities. But finding the right keywords doesn’t just happen. Several parameters must be taken into account, in particular your offer, the profile of your targets, the requests they frequently use … Targeting overly competitive queries or stuffing your pages with key phrases is counterproductive.

Being part of the fundamentals of your SEO strategy, the targeted key phrases must also be in line with your brand image and your objectives. You can use your imagination to find your prospects’ favorite search terms. It is not recommended not recommended. Several more practical tools are also at your fingertips to identify and work on your key terms. These include Google Suggest, Google Trends, SEMRush,,, Visiblis, SEOQuantum, …

Optimize the internal content of your pages

The creation of quality content is one of the keys to the success of a natural referencing strategy. Content in the form of texts, images, graphic illustrations and videos are used to feed your pages. To display your pages on Google, you need to write SEO optimized content. They must respect several rules:

  • The content must be well structured with H1, H2, H3, H4 tags;
  • The texts must be of high quality, original and unique to differentiate you from the competition;
  • The meta description tag must be carefully written, prompt, and contain a main keyword;
  • Articles must be constantly updated or renewed, because Internet users and Google are hungry for fresh content …

Also remember to add text to your image or video content to properly reference them. It is especially important to use good quality images, which must be named and indexed with the ALT attribute.

Increase the notoriety of your pages

There is a very close link between the notoriety of a web page and the traffic it receives. The more your web page is known, the more traffic you get, and you improve your search engine ranking. Develop a good netlinking strategy and take advantage of the potential of social networks are two practical methods to increase awareness of a site.

Develop a good netlinking strategy

Off-page optimization or even netlinking aims to obtain external links that direct Internet users to your site. The more backlinks your web platform receives, the more legitimacy Google gives it. Several methods can be used to benefit from quality external links. The ones that work the most are linkbaiting and guest posting. Linkbaiting consists of creating relevant content to attract natural backlinks to your pages. As for guest posting, it consists of writing quality articles (containing links from your pages) on specific blogs in order to obtain external links. Here are other simple ideas that will allow you to succeed in a netlinking strategy:

  • Sign partnerships with web influencers to ask them to talk about your site;
  • Work with journalists to refer to your pages if you specialize in a given area;
  • Study the backlinks of your competitors (with tools like Majestic SEO, and Ahrefs) and try to follow them

Index your content on social networks

There is a strong correlation between a website’s social signals and its positioning on Google. Thousands of Internet users interact on social networks and as a result, the latter now function as search engines. By sharing your content on social platforms, you can reach more people.

It is not uncommon to find posts on Facebook or Twitter in the SERPs. Highly shared content on these networks gives your link some credibility. Google, in turn, increases your trust score, which can improve your site’s awareness. A good presence on major social platforms helps to create multiple backlinks to your page and improves your SEO on Google.

Improve the user experience

The time that a user spends on your website has an impact on their positioning. To have a very good satisfaction rate for your pages is vital to benefit from good SEO. Improving the user experience on your site is therefore an essential mission. You must therefore ensure that you have:

  • A good internal network of your site (so that Internet users and Google can fully understand its architecture in order to easily explore it);
  • A responsive site, that is to say compatible with mobile devices and all types of screens;
  • A website that has a fast load of 4 seconds maximum ;
  • An ergonomic website that offers intuitive and pleasant navigation …

Improving the user experience is also the best way to optimize the conversion rate of visitors. There are several tools that can help you with this, including Google Analytics.

What to remember? Positioning well on Google takes a lot of commitment and work. The SEO audit, the choice of keywords, the optimization of your content and a good netlinking strategy are some of the essential tasks to obtain good results.

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